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These color palettes will have you throwing on your overalls and rolling up your sleeves
July 9, 2019
June 9, 2019
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We think we speak for all of us when we say that the paint aisle at Benjamin Moore taps into some serious childhood nostalgia. Ah, the good old days. Nothing beats getting to run around and pluck out as many colors as you could find, just to take them home and leave them on the counter in a messy stack.

So why does the idea of picking out a paint color give us an instant migraine? Maybe it’s because traditional paint stores are overflowing with options. If you go to your nearest Home Depot you’ll find so many shades of green that it’ll leave your head spinning - and if you’re anything like us - it’ll also leave you questioning your own judgement when the line between “different” and “straight up ugly” becomes all too blurred.

Cue the saviors to our painting troubles - Backdrop & Clare. They’re here to save you from hanging endless paint swatches on the wall and walking by them a million times with a confused and skeptical eye. Adulting shouldn’t be that hard. And with a curated assortment of about 50 paint shades, made for the instagram era, with muted neutrals and vibrant colors alike, things just got a whole lot easier. Look no further than their websites and instagram pages to see these yummy shades IRL. This, my friends, is color psychology at its finest.  

Better than your inner 8-year-old dream of collecting every color swatch, and a whole lot less time consuming.

** prices shown are per gallon


Cue the creative feels playlist and pull out those overalls you thrifted, cause it’s time to get your hands dirty with Backdrop. Founders Natalie and Caleb Ebel painted every apartment and house they’ve ever lived in (yeah, we’re wincing at the idea of all that hassle too). Good news is they brought that dedication to making Backdrop the awesome brand it is today, which we can all appreciate. They encourage a messy (and memorable) paint job and have 50 perfectly curated colors to choose from. And if you have a dream color in mind, you can use their color filters on the left hand side to narrow down choices and make sure the aesthetic is on point. Time to embrace your inner DIY king or queen without feeling like your wallet is running dry. Grab their essentials kit too so that you’re ready to go, sans the trip to the local hardware store. But first, make sure you grab a friend because no one should ever paint alone.

The Goods

✓   Ultra-low odor

✓   Greenwise certified with low VOCs

✓   Long-lasting pigments

✓   12X12 adhesive color swatches

Why We Stand Behind Them

✓   Partner with The International Rescue Committee and donate a portion of their sales to helping refugee families


For those a little less messy and little more, dare we say, domesticated - you’ll want to check out Clare. Their clean, bright colors with names like Dirty Martini, Rose Season, and Dirty Chai… hold that thought. Yes, so what if we’re in need of a cocktail? We thought this was a painting party?! Anyway, Clare’s Color Genius will help you find the perfect color shade with the click of only 8 simple questions. They have all of the little details figured out so that we can put our minds at ease. Plus, no mess, no fuss color sampling (and they ship free) so we can indulge on the wild side and test out new shades as much as we want. Here’s to giving your room the gen-z yellow treatment, without all the effort.

The Goods

✓   Zero VOC (volatile organic compounds)

✓   Greenguard Gold certified which means low chemical emissions

✓   Curated color palette of clean, bright colors

✓   Clare blog answers all of our important painting Q’s

Why We Stand Behind Them

✓   Happiness guarantee– putting the customer first

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Image credit: Backdrop, @nickonken, @supakitch_ @tenzing__ , @jenniesbecker, @neekmasion/ Clare, @clarepaint, @Joe.lingeman, @makehomematter, @rbradleyphoto

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