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Eco-Friendly Loungewear For All-Day Chilling
February 2, 2021
January 21, 2021
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French Terry Sweatpant $78 photo via @annamal

It’s no secret that we’re wearing loungewear all day long. To be honest, we stopped pretending like we were getting dressed for zoom meetings months ago. So when Graceful District sent our team a few new loungewear pieces to refresh our wardrobe we were pumped to say the least. 

A little backstory before we get to the good stuff. Graceful District was born in Los Angeles and built on the idea that women should have timeless staples to wear, made from eco-friendly materials and small batch manufacturing. This wasn’t just because the current fast fashion fire is burning a hole in the earth. In efforts to leave a legacy for their children, the Graceful District founders set out to build a brand with meaning to carry on for generations to come.  

Let’s talk style, shall we? Graceful District offers attainable sustainable styles made for the modern day woman. That’s why all of their products are go-to neutrals that can be worn any season and created in silhouettes that fit women of all sizes. 

Our team can attest to the fact that Graceful District meets all of the comfort standards. Our Founder & CEO Jaclyn, can attest to the fact that Graceful District has nailed this - in truth, she has essentially lived in the French Terry sweatpants from the moment they arrived at her doorstep last month. Reasons for obsession include: extra cozy material, pockets, the effortless jogger fit, and of course the fact that they were basically made to wear with white sneakers. 

Lexie from our editorial team tested out the French Terry cardigan (yep, it also has pockets) and is also a fan. Why? Because the French Terry cotton is breathable, meaning you can throw it on, no matter the weather. “The material is the perfect amount of warmth without being too overwhelming. I wear it all day long with any pair of joggers thanks to the neutral gray color,” she says. And never fear, the cardigan also comes in black too, which in our opinion means you’ll never need to own any other cardigan again. 

Both of our teams’ top picks can be summed up in these words: silhouette and function. It is clear that the founders of Graceful District thought about the natural shape of a woman’s body while making their loungewear. For function, you can quite literally go anywhere and do anything in these pieces without feeling like you are too dressed up or dressed down. Each piece is versatile and to that we say, wear as you will. 

French Terry Cardigan $88

Graceful District is the real deal when it comes to sustainable fashion, in fact, each item comes with its own fabric story. Graceful District brand only sources eco-friendly materials like cotton, tencel, and recycled fibers— if you’ve checked out our story about understanding sustainable fashion with Tabea Soriano, you’d know that is one of the best things to look out for when trying to shop with a more sustainable foot forward. So what’re you waiting for? Get shopping so you’ll never need to refresh your basics that seem to wear out way too quickly ever again.

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Photos via @annamal, @gracefuldistrict

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