Men's Tees Minus The Logos

T-shirts made for summer and beyond
May 31, 2020
May 30, 2020
What We Considered

✓   Best summer tees

✓   Effortless styles

✓   Crews and V-neck options

Our Picks

✓   CUTS - Best for guys on the tall side

✓   Unbound Merino - Best for hot days

✓   Buck Mason - Most classic cut

Don’t know about you, but when it comes to men's tees, our biggest pet peeves are all the logos. They're unnecessary and definitely throw off our game - so that's why we decided to round up the perfect plain tees, sans the unnecessary symbols and brand names. We searched high and low for the go-to tees to get you through the summer, and focused on innovative fabric technology, which means these bad boys will last through endless washes.



Meet CUTS: the brand that is all about making sure your tee can be worn anywhere, anytime. It’s comfortable enough to wear around the house, but polished enough to wear on your zoom meetings, thanks to their in-house engineered anti-wrinkle Pyca™ fabric. These tees are great for those of us who hit the lotto in the height department. The elongated cut will give you that A-1 fit you’ve been trying to find.

The Facts

✓   Colors change with the season

✓   Classic, split, or elongated

Pyca™ fabric, wrinkle-free

Brand Standards

✓   Commitment to making the best materials

“Shop by Cut” revolutionizing the way men shop

Unbound Merino


While you may not be going anywhere for some time, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take advantage of these Unbound Merino tees. You can wear them for a day or two and they’ll always have that fresh laundry feel. Their odor-resistant and temperature-regulating technology will come in handy on days the sun makes you break a sweat.

The Facts

✓   Odor resistant

✓   Temperature regulating

✓   Fast-drying

Brand Standards

✓   Made with sustainable materials

✓  Stand for clothing that lasts (anti-fast-fashion)

Buck Mason


Buck Mason is your classic all-American brand, hands down. What we love about their tees is that they get softer and better with every wash thanks to their innovative cotton blends, and their signature curved hem, which gives each tee a casual put-together look. You don’t even have to worry about ruining them in the laundry, they come preshrunk. Best of all, Buck Mason has every color option you can think of— all totally plain.

The Facts

✓   Signature curved hem

✓   Relaxed fit

✓   Pima or cotton, or tri-blend options

Brand Standards

✓   Made in USA

✓   Donating masks during COVID-19

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