Onekind’s Inside Take On Clean Beauty

Founder Madison Ruggieri talks the future of skincare
April 21, 2020
April 20, 2020
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Founder, Madison Ruggieri

We aren’t the first to tell you the skincare scene is changing. The more we learn, the less we want anything to do with potentially harmful ingredients - especially when it comes to our face. These days, there are more “natural” skincare companies than we can count and it’s hard to tell which ones we should trust.  

So, in an effort to cut through the noise, we caught up with Madison Ruggieri of Onekind, our go-to skincare line for clean, luxurious-  and yet still fairly priced - skincare. That’s right, their Pore-fectionist facemask is a must-have and only $24. Read on to hear what Madison had to say about clean beauty and why you can trust Onekind. 

The Verticale: Let’s start off with the basics. What makes Onekind different and what should we know about it?

We started Onekind because we believe that effective, luxury skincare should and can be accessible. The traditional luxury beauty model is outdated and overly marked up in pricing, so we’re doing things differently - from connecting directly with our customers to leaving out ingredients that are unnecessary. Traditionally, beauty brands take a top down approach - telling customers what they need to buy, but we’re including our customers in the development process to make sure everything we create is designed to their wants and needs. 

Give us the down low on Onekind’s products and why you chose them to launch with them. 

Prior to doing any initial development, we surveyed hundreds of people about their skin routines and which products they were investing the most into. We also asked which ingredients they were looking for and how they wanted their products to feel, smell and of course, perform. Based on that feedback, we’ve focused on crafting clean anti-aging treatments - starting with a nighttime routine.

Founder, Madison Ruggieri and her brother, Matt Ruggieri

Tell us about your founding team and what inspired you to start a new skincare line?

My brother Matt and I have been working together in the skincare space for over ten years. We started in men’s luxury grooming and spent years developing clean, high-quality formulas. We were also told from the beginning that men wouldn’t spend more than $50 on skincare. However, in women’s, skincare has been exorbitantly priced mostly because of marketing. We wanted to create a line that would be every bit as luxurious at a much fairer price tag for everyone.

 Clean beauty is all the rage right now. For those who aren’t as informed, what should they know about it and what does it mean?

The biggest thing is that there are no strict guidelines as to what clean beauty is. Every brand and retailer has their own philosophy on what ingredients are “clean” so you should find out what specific promises are being made, rather than just accepting a “clean” label. However most of us have come to the agreement that clean beauty means: no parabens, sulfates, phthalates, mineral oil or animal testing.

Let it Glow Trio, $89

 What’s next for Onekind? We’re envisioning more skincare essentials coming our way.

At Onekind, we are not making new products just to have new launches or a fuller line. Everything we come out with has to add value to our customer. We’ve been extensively surveying our community as to what they want us to make next and the top requests are a daytime moisturizer, serum and eye treatment. So we’ll be launching a daytime moisturizer in June and then the other new launches will come this fall.

 Last question. We talk about the internet’s best brands (and we trust that you’ve tried a few). During these uncertain times, it’s more important than ever to support our favorite brands. Could you share a go-to brand or product of yours - and why?

I’m a huge fan of Lively. I pretty much solely wear their bralettes and underwear, and I love that they entered a category that was in desperate need of an update - offering both comfort and aesthetic at an approachable price tag. They’ve also built an impressive ambassador program and I aspire to create that highly engaged community with Onekind as well.

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Photo Credits: Onekind, @onekind

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