One Step Closer To Sustainable Fashion

Fashion Brands With In-House Recycling Programs
October 1, 2020
September 30, 2020
What We Considered

✓   In-house recycling programs

✓   Dedicated to sustainable fashion

✓   Ethical + eco-friendly  production

Our Picks

✓   Universal Standard - Reset Recycle Refresh

✓   Knickey - Recycle your Rejects

✓   Frank And Oak - Let's give a shi(r)t

It’s no secret that fashion is leading as one of the world’s largest waste producers. From production purchase, there are an insurmountable number of resources being used to make sure that we are getting the best deals. The truth of the matter is, half of the clothes we buy have a short shelf life. The affordable prices lessen the quality of materials, making it easier for clothing to become worn out and easy to throw away. Now there are city-sized landfills full of old clothing just sitting taking up space. Instead of throwing away our clothes, we’ve found a few brands willing to give back for the good deed of deciding your old clothes won't ever end up in a landfill again.

Universal Standard


Universal Standard is thinking about our futures and how we can solve one of the largest waste problems around the world. Reset Recycle Refresh allows you to order a reusable bag for just $4.50 and send up to four items back to Universal Standard (and it can be from any brand) to receive up to a $25 credit per item— making it possible for you to earn up to $100 to spend on your next Universal Standard haul.

The Facts

✓   High-quality materials

✓   Basics + statement pieces

✓   Fit for all sizes

Brand Standards

✓   Reset Recycle Refresh

✓   Normalizing all body shapes



If your undies end up in a landfill, chances are it will take years for them to decompose since most brands use chemicals that eventually seep out of the piece after years of eroding. With Knickey we’ve learned that most of the textiles used for every-day underwear is actually recyclable. This means Knickey is able to round up any old panties you have laying around and send them out to be repurposed— making them into something new like rug pads, rags, and insulation.

The Facts

✓   Made with organic cotton

✓   Four different styles

✓   Maternity-friendly

Brand Standards

✓   Recycle your Rejects

✓   Sustainably made

Frank And Oak


Frank And Oak partners with grassroots nonprofits to create Let’s Give A Shi(r)t, which collects clothing we no longer want and ensures that the styles actually get reused, recycled, and repurposed. Working with Canada Earth Day, every nonprofit connected must have certified recycling programs. From there, the clothing is washed and it’s determined whether or not the clothing can be resold at a lower price or donated to those who need the pieces most.

The Facts

✓   Sustainable fashion lines

✓   For men + women

✓   Contemporary basics

Brand Standards

✓   Let’s give a shi(r)t

✓   Quest to lower carbon emissions

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Photos via: @universalstandard, @knickey, @frankandoak

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