Oh The Places We Plan To Take These Bags

Buy Now, Wear Later Bags Edition
November 11, 2020
November 11, 2020
What We Considered

✓   Timeless + effortless styles

✓   Premium quality that lasts

✓  Great for holiday gifting (hint hint)

Our Picks

✓   Novae Res - Best for minimal style

✓   Modern Picnic - Most innovative 

✓   Linjer  - Most carefully selected materials

Even though the days of strutting down the street in our new designer bag are far and few between, investing in a quality piece that takes us through endless fashion seasons is still in style. We feel like we don’t need to tell you that purse shopping needs to be sacrificed because of a little extra time at home, but we will anyway. This year, (and for the holidays headed our way) imagine your fingers running across premium (and even vegan) leather, and the fresh new bag smell that could remind you of the good old days (of nine months ago). Plus, think about all of the WFH Loungewear that you can add a stylish bag to as you do your grocery run, or soak up the last of this nice weather with some outdoor dining with friends.

Novae Res


Headquartered in NYC, Novae Res has committed to creating a luxury bag that does not create any waste— yes you read that right— thanks to their signature manufacturing process. Each bag is made with signature calf leather for long-lasting quality and recycled brass and maintains a look of minimalist luxury.

The Facts

✓   Purses and wallets

✓   Sustainable materials

✓   Neutral color options

Brand Standards

✓   Reducing Waste

✓   Ethical Production

✓   Women’s Empowerment

Modern Picnic


Before you ask any questions, yes, you can put your lunch in a Modern Picnic purse. If you are wondering what to do with a bag like this now, the answer is simple. It’s perfect for snacks for your last few wine tastings of the Fall season. Crafted with vegan leather and an insulated interior, owning one of these bags means a more sustainable way to bring your lunch to work (when we can finally do that again).

The Facts

✓   Insulated with pockets

✓   Vegan leather

✓   Timeless colors

Brand Standards

✓   Reducing Waste

✓   Women’s Empowerment



For the wanderlusts at heart, looking at a Linjer purse mentally transports us to the French countryside. Linjer is committed to ethical production and a more sustainable future— even promising to offset all emissions and use recycled materials. They also source all leather from top-grade tanneries all manufactured in Italy with the utmost premium quality assurance.

The Facts

✓   Eight styles to choose from

✓   Premium materials

✓   Made in Italian tanneries

Brand Standards

✓   Premium craftsmanship

✓   Incorporating sustainable materials

More Finds

We feel like we haven’t talked about bags in far too long, so we added a few more options to keep on your radar (and potentially a holiday wish list). As we hope for brighter days, or just decide it’s a beautiful day to splurge on a little extra something for yourself. We’ve all been through a lot— no harm in a little extra self-love. 

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