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June 5, 2019
June 5, 2019
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We found your next shoulder bag, and it even told us a secret. It whispered in our little ear that if you spend your hard earned cash on craftsmanship and materials (rather than a middleman markup), you can get infinitely higher quality and killer designs. FINALLY - some leather that’s talkin’ our language.

First, let us give you a quick lesson on what you should be looking for when you’re in the market for quality leather bags (or any leather goods for that matter). You’ll want to look at two things - 1) where the leather is from and 2) where the bag is actually made. For the record, it’s not as simple as believing that high quality bags come from Italy and cheap bags come from China - this is 2019 and production methods have evolved with the times. Phenomenal bags are now made in places like Argentina and Turkey.

We will say this: there’s a reason you can get cheap, stiff leather for under $50, and that’s because all leather does not come equal my friends - not even close. What you should be looking for is a bag that’ll grow old with you - natural imperfections and all.

So the best ways to evaluate leather online? Start off with buying from a company you know doesn’t sell counterfeits (WHAT?! We didn’t mention Amazon, you said it. Shhh.). Next up, you’re gonna have a look at the photos - if it looks all soft and buttery and makes you want to stroke your computer screen, then you’re getting somewhere. And finally, reviews are a girl’s best friend (yes, over diamonds, that’s right. You heard it here first). Thanks to this trusty thing called the internet, you can see what literally everyone has to say about that bag in your cart - AND the company you’re buying from. So go ahead, and get reading because the reviews don’t lie.

If you want to keep things real simple, we suggest scrolling on down. We may be biased, but these companies just so happen to have bags that we’re drooling over. Like someone needs to come remove our credit cards before we purchase one of each. SOS people, SOS.


Sometimes less is more. So much more. Cuyana, the design house that came to be known for their incredible classic tote bags, is now our first stop for pretty much all things leather. We mean it when we say, their prices are beyond fair. Cuyana’s simplistic - yet stunning - designs are EVERYTHING and embody an intricate attention to detail that won’t be missed. By women, for women, the founders encourage fewer, better things - a mantra we SO stand behind. In case you need another reason to love them, they’ve also created the Lean Closet Movement, a program that supports female abuse victims in need.

The Goods

✓  Quality materials and thoughtful designs

✓  Fair prices starting at $115

✓  Classic, core colors offered in every style

✓  Rich leathers from Argentina, Italy, Turkey & more

Why We Stand Behind Them

✓  Lean Closet movement partnership with H.E.A.R.T. (Helping Ease Abuse Related Trauma)


Sézane, the French brand born online, always stands out. These uniquely crafted goods are “made to be passed on” - well, it’s a nice sentiment, but we won’t be sharing. Their French aesthetic brings together the ultimate combination of muted hues and natural tones. Just tie a little scarf around your circle bag, and you’re good to go. Can you blame us for our love affair with this brand?

The Goods

✓  Handmade in, Italy, Morocco, Portuguese & Tunisia

✓  Héritage leather line made from vegetable-tanned cowhide leather

✓  Detailed care directions on their site

✓  Vegetable, chrome free leather tanning

Why We Stand Behind Them

✓  Commitment to their customers, teams, suppliers, children and our planet  

✓  “DEMAIN” program, created to help disadvantaged children


Designed in NYC and handcrafted in Italy, Senreve is built on the idea of everyday fantasy. These sleek bags are not only sexy, but also perfect for your everyday. They may be minimalist, but they’ll steal the show. Available in a range of leather finishes - Pebbled (water and scratch resistant), Mimosa (long-grain stiffer finish) and Dragon (crocodile embossed leather). You’re even able to select the hardware finishes in select materials, ensuring your new partner in crime will be everything you wished for.

The Goods

✓  Designed in NYC, handcrafted in Italy

✓  100% genuine Italian leather

✓  Top-quality microsuede lining

✓  Structured yet lightweight

✓  Durable and water-resistant

Why We Stand Behind Them

✓  A brand inspired by the women around us

✓  The octopus logo symbolizes diversity, intelligence, insight, complexity, vision, and versatility (characteristics represent today’s woman)


The problem with trends? They always go out of style. At Everlane they like to make quality pieces designed to last a lifetime. They’ve deemed themselves ‘radically transparent’, due to the in-depth level of detail they provide on their production methods and costs. Call it authenticity at it’s finest. These structured go-to bags are 100% Italian leather and available in an array of pastels and neutrals - ready to stand by your side all year round.

The Goods

✓  100% Italian Leather

✓  Made in Prato, Italy

✓  Magnetic closures on select styles

✓  Quality products designed to last

Why We Stand Behind Them

✓  Ethical production methods

✓  Transparent pricing

✓  Making a difference in the world

Von Holzhausen

You can everything we said about quality leather, and apply it to Von Holzhausen’s Technik leather - a 100% animal free, intelligent vegan leather that’s made with the ultimate level of concern for the environment. Cheers to a material we can all feel good about, that’s also made in the USA. Reviews on their site claim the material is damn close to real leather - and from the looks of these soft, luscious bags, we really believe them. From micro-bags to totes, these elegant styles will have you covered.

The Goods

✓  100% animal free vegan leather

✓  Toxic-free production process designed to minimize waste and reduce the environmental impact

✓  Purchase a bag and get a free credit card holder

Why We Stand Behind Them

✓  Made in the USA

✓  Animal free leather alternative

✓  Eco-friendly and ethical practices

✓  Partner with Hope Gardens to give back to women-centered charities

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Image Sources: Cuyana / Sezane / Senreve / Everlane / Von Holzhausen, @lisadengler, @figtny / Pop & Suki

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