No More Gift Cards: What to Buy the 20-Something In Your Life

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December 7, 2020
December 8, 2020
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Our Picks

✓   Things We Need, But Won’t Buy - Pluto

✓   A Few Splurges - Oliver Cabell

✓   Almost Grads - Ettitude

We know, usually the go-to’s for every college to young adult gift is always a gift card. Why not change it up this year? And yes, it does seem like a truly daunting task to try and guess what someone in their 20’s could possibly want— but take it from someone on the inside, it’s way easier than you think. We’ve rounded up our top choices to give the 20-something in your life around the facts: functional, not something everyone else has, and obviously, products with meaning. Trust us, when you give any young millennial or Gen Z a gift with a story behind it, it’ll be up on Insta and you’ll be deemed the best gifter around.

Things We Need, But Won't Buy

Old habits die hard, so your newly functioning adults tend to forget that if they upgrade the little things in life, their everyday routine gets better. Help them ditch the flattened college pillow, pull off the college-monogrammed phone pocket off their phone, and stop buying the cheapest products from CVS that smell like a teenager’s bedroom.


When in doubt, going with a gift that will do good on mother nature is always the way to go. Go with something that works to reduce waste, or only uses eco-friendly materials. Not only will you get kudos for being so up with the times, but also because you would have beat them to the coolest brands that haven’t hit their social media feeds yet.

A Few Splurges

Of course we are all going through it, but maybe you’re thinking back to the live free days in your 20’s where anything was possible— so you want to spoil your 90’s and 2000’s babies a little bit (we’d really appreciate it, wink wink). So if you are investing, be sure it’s for high quality goods that they’ll have for days to come.

Almost Grads

For all of the to-be grads, give them a little something to show your support for spreading their wings. It doesn’t matter if they’re headed for a hole-in-the-wall studio they get to call theirs, or back at home until the world decides to calm down— upgrading their home life with the little things will make their transition to real adulting real easy.

Timeless Style Pieces

Our fingers are crossed that one day offices will reopen, and so a gift reminding them of normal life may just do the trick this season. Evoke wistful memories of their favorite scrappy European vacation, inspire their stay at home style with a timeless watch, anything to prepare them for feeling put together, in the office or on zoom.

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