New Year, New Food

Kickstart your New Year’s Resolution
December 24, 2019
December 22, 2019
What We Considered

✓   Natural, honest ingredients

✓   Pre-prepared efficiency

✓   Always yummy

Our Picks

✓   Daily Harvest - best for breakfast

✓   Magic Spoon - best for protein

✓   Sakara - best for fresh food

With 2020 around the corner, we're pretty confident we can guess your New Year’s resolution. And since we can basically read your mind, we went ahead and rounded-up some of favorite food companies that are doing it better, cleaner, and yummier. We’ve heard it time and time again— exercise will only get us so far. A new decade is rolling in, so there’s no better time to get focused on all the right food groups in the pyramid.

Daily Harvest


Daily Harvest will get you to stop skipping breakfast - in fact you’ll be dreaming about that first slurp (or spoonful). All cups come with the ingredients fully prepped and chopped (and easy to read on the cup). All you have to do is add water or milk of your choice. They’ve even expanded their food line to soups and harvest bowls.

The Facts

✓   Pre-portioned cups

✓   Vegan, keto, and paleo options

✓   Weekly or monthly delivery

Brand Standards

✓   Ingredient transparency

✓   Easy-to-cook

Magic Spoon


Meet the high protein, low-carb cereal that will answer all of your healthy food prayers. This brand knows how hard it’s been to cut out that sugary cereal from your childhood. Now you can eat cereal that’s yummy, awesome and guilt-free too. It’s officially time for an upgrade.

The Facts

✓   Five flavors available

✓   Gluten-free, grain-free

✓   Monk fruit base

Brand Standards

✓   Ingredient transparency

✓   Non-gmo



Sakara is making clean eating a breeze. They offer meals, snacks, and treats— all with health benefits and no empty calories. All food sent by Sakara is made with nutrition-backed science and backed by their Nine Pillars of Nutrition. The food is crafted with love and ingredients picked at peak-freshness.

The Facts

✓   Meals, snacks, and dessert

✓   Health programs available

✓   Plant-based diet

Brand Standards

✓   Ingredient transparency

✓   Food picked from sustainable farms

More Finds

Now that you’re definitely hungry and pumped to jump on the health food train, here are a few more honest-ingredient brands to add to your list. Not to sound like your trainer or your mom, but eating clean really does have its benefits. Whether you’re trying to shed off a few pounds, or you’re just trying to eat cleaner for the planet— everyone wins.

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