Naadam Has Summer-ized Cashmere

Yummy, buttery soft cashmere, here to keep even your warmest days cozy
June 7, 2019
June 7, 2019
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Ribbed for your pleasure - WHAT?!? That’s what they said.

Thought cashmere was for wintertime? Think again. Naadam - the brand that has built a reputation for making the most incredible, soft, ethically made cashmere - has gone and done something crazy. They’ve set out on a mission to summer-ize cashmere. Tell us more, you ask? Of course we will.

If there were a cashmere god, we’d name her Naadam. Because who, aside from a mythical figure, would realize that your summer-ready bod needed some incredibly thin, lightweight cashmere designed to stand the test of the sun - all the while showing off your curves and accentuating that booty.  WHAT?! We didn’t say it, you did.

So how exactly is this heavenly material created? Well it starts with weaving pure Mongolian cashmere yarn with sustainable silk filament made directly from the silkworm’s leftover cocoon. Yes, there’s an actual cocoon involved - perhaps that’s all you need to know. The end result? Softer than soft breathable fabric that can withstand the August heat - just right for a summer night in the sand or a romantic walk down the windy beach.

The mash-up of this collection is pretty sweet - from flared pants, to tank dresses, a jumpsuit, a racerback dress and more. We’re personally melting over the Banana yellow color, but you can’t go wrong with Pebble, Black or even Dark Ginger. And the best part is everything is under $200.

Get ready for silky soft, breathable, lightweight and 100% organic material. Summer cashmere has never looked so good. Let us all preach the cashmere gods.

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Image Sources: Naadam @allegrashaw

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