Minimalist Everyday Jewelry, Sans The Markup

Jewelry you won’t want to take off at night
January 29, 2020
June 6, 2019
What We Considered

✓   Affordable, honest prices

✓   Minimalist designs that stand out

✓   Premium quality materials

Our Picks

✓   Vrai & Oro - Best quality material

✓   Mejuri - Best personalized collection

✓   AUrate - Best handmade styles

We have something to tell you: most major brands markup their jewelry 8-10x the actual cost. Spoiler alert: the ones featured here don’t do that. We’ve rounded up our most trusted jewelry brands – the ones that speak our language and always offer the same fair price. Everything they make is especially covetable - and maybe it’s because they’ve built their businesses for women (not the men buying for us.) But hey gifts are always welcome. Get ready to find jewelry worth dreaming about.

Vrai & Oro


Vrai & Oro is especially transparent – they hold their materials to the highest standards by using solid gold only (never filled, plated or vermeil) – and they ensure ethical production practices by making everything with local manufacturers right in sunny LA. They even have ongoing efforts to reduce waste; from gold sourcing to packaging.

The Facts

✓ Made in LA

✓ Solid gold only, 14k + 18k (yellow, white & rose)

✓ Engagement ring collection

Brand Standards

✓ Transparent, ethical production

✓ Earth-friendly practices that reduce waste

✓ Conflict-free, traceable diamonds from the Diamond Foundry



Mejuri believes that luxury should be a part of your everyday - and we agree. Known for ethical production practices, Mejuri offers a variety of materials to fit your accessory vision. Materials range from 14K solid gold to 925 sterling silver and gold vermeil (refresher: vermeil is much thicker than gold plating and ensures long lasting color).

The Facts

✓   Solid 14K gold + gold vermeil

✓   Genuine stones

✓   Lifetime guarantee

Brand Standards

✓   Ethical production practices

✓   Conflict-free diamonds



The founders of AUrate spent a year searching the globe looking for the world’s best jewelers. Turns out they were in their hometown of NYC— where they’ve handmade their jewelry ever since. They’ve earned our trust by raising ethical and environmental standards – all so you don’t have to choose between doing good and high prices.

The Facts

✓   Solid gold in 14k & 18k & gold vermeil

✓   S1-clarity diamonds

✓   Freshwater pearls AAA-grade & Akoya pearls 

Brand Standards

✓ Ethical production practices

✓ 100% recycled gold

✓ Donate books through Mastery Charter partnership

More Finds

Our favorite part of delicate jewelry is the ability to stack and layer. With all of the dough you’re saving, there’s way less rationale for buying one piece at a time (just sayin). Check out a few more of our favorite brands that are doing it right - using clean materials and designing classic styles that will last a lifetime.

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Image Sources: Vrai & Oro, @jenniferwisnoski / Meijuri, @ch.phr8ph, @saraahbass, @sarahhsol / AUrate / Kinn Studios

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