Men's Sweaters Under $150

Affordable sweaters with everlasting quality
October 30, 2020
November 1, 2020
What We Considered

✓   Affordable price point

✓   Premium quality materials

✓   Comfortable, warm, + breathable

Our Picks

✓   Bonobos - Most style options

✓   Outerknown - Most sustainable

✓   Buck Mason - Most innovative materials

Guys, add soft sweaters to your cold weather staples alongside hot spiked cider and fire pits this season. While you’ve seemingly mastered the art of retaining heat always, we all know that little chill that’s made its way over to late nights under the stars. If you’re looking to dress to impress beyond the everyday hoodie, a sweater is the best way to keep warm while looking pretty cool— so we’ll do you a solid— we’ve found affordable styles that won’t itch around your neck, bunch up in the wrong places, and provide the right amount of warmth now and through the cold winter to come.



For those of us who get a little too sweater happy, Bonobos has the best hook up. Choose from classic crews, turtlenecks, cardigans, grandfather sweaters, and even some graphics to elevate your pair of jeans or chinos (or even boxers if you’re in the business of zoom calls all day). This season we’re big fans of anything merino wool or buttery cotton cashmere.

The Facts

✓   Merino wool or cotton cashmere 

✓   Versatile options and colors

✓  Extended sizing

Brand Standards

✓   Commitment to quality 

✓   Reinventing the retail experience

✓   Stand for size inclusivity and gender equality



Outerknown sweaters put people and the planet first. In order to achieve their level of sustainability, they look to regenerative practices that create minimal waste when designing each and every sweater. Opt for light or mid-weight depending on your ability to act as a human furnace knowing that your sweater was made with 98% less water than the average grab from your go-to retail spot.

The Facts

✓   Light and midweight options 

✓   No harmful material chemicals 

✓  True to size fit

Brand Standards

✓   Fair Trade Certified™ facilities

✓   Resale, recycle, + refresh

✓   Sustainable materials

Buck Mason


Buck Mason has committed to ensuring that their sweaters don’t just have to be worn when it’s cold outside. Because of this, they are extremely particular about their long staple cotton and cashmere blends, or super fine grain yarn to keep your sweater collar from overstretching over time. The outcome: an essential wardrobe item that lasts a lifetime— which means less shopping in the long run.

The Facts

✓   Merino wool or rib cotton cashmere

✓   Made to retain shape

✓  Warm but still breathable

Brand Standards

✓   Mostly US made

✓   Produced ethically in small batches

✓   Quality made to last

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