Leather Jackets You Can Actually Afford

Yes, high-quality, fairly priced leather jackets do exist
November 15, 2019
September 8, 2019
What We Considered

✓   Fair pricing

✓   Ethical production practices

✓   Classic style choices 

Our Picks

✓   DSTLD - Best pricing

✓   LTH JKT - Best colors

✓   The Arrivals - Best size options

We've found three brands that are designing high-quality leather jackets, without the traditional markup associated with leather. We're talking less than $600 for most styles, which is half of what the typical retail price is. Sure, this is still an investment piece you save up for, but at least it's a dream that's a bit more achievable now. Price isn't the only thing that makes these brands worth mentioning, and we're taking a look at the quality of the product and mission behind these brands as well.



You probably already know DSTLD for their premium denim goods, but this LA-based company also makes leather jackets with the same level of care and expertise they bring to their denim. Starting at only $350, their jackets are the most affordable on our list, with the quality and workmanship on the same level as luxury designer brands. 

The Facts

✓   Jacket prices starting at $350

✓   Two Styles: The Biker and The Moto

✓  Stain-resistant leather

Brand Standards

✓   Eco-friendly fabrics

✓   Fairly manufactured, 100% sweatshop-free

✓  Support better ethics in apparel-making



LTH is focused on one thing — inspiring a more confident world by making the iconic leather jacket more accessible to everyone. The brand sells both women's and men's jackets made from super-soft, buttery leather, starting at $595. With a good mix of neutrals and more adventurous colors like mauve and Ceylon yellow, there's an LTH JKT for everyone. 

The Facts

✓   Women's and men's leather jackets

✓   Multiple color options available

✓   Jacket prices starting at $595

Brand Standards

✓   Less markup, luxury quality

✓   Female-run

✓  A promise of free repairs

The Arrivals


The Arrivals arrived on the scene in 2014 and has established itself as the cool new kid on the block with it's ultra-modern and stylish take on outerwear. Their leather jackets are even rated on their Heat Retention Index (HRI). No more unpleasant surprises when your brand-new jacket does nothing to protect you from the latest Polar Vortex. 

The Facts

✓   Leather jackets starting at $495

✓   Available in sizes 0-14

✓   Water-resistant TECHNO LEATHER

Brand Standards

✓   Prioritize quality and craftsmanship

✓   Take pride in the materials and partners

✓  Lifetime warranty

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