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August 20, 2020
August 20, 2020
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Co-Founder Helen Reavey
Meet Co-Founder Helen Reavey

We’ve got some exciting news. Starting today, Act+ Acre now offers a Plant-Based Dry Shampoo to use in between hair washes. Say hello to a fresh pick-me-up for when you’re running late for your next zoom meeting because you accidentally spent too much time scrolling through your instagram feed when you rolled out of bed. And here’s the kicker, it’s made up of six ingredients that deliver 65 minerals to nourish your scalp. Are you listening yet? 

Not only that, we talked with Co-Founders Helen Reavey and Colm Mackin on all things Act + Acre, giving you exclusive sustainable hair care intel straight from the source. 

We’re big fans of Act + Acre because you offer clean, Cold Processed® alternatives to keeping our scalps healthy. What should we know about plant-based ingredients versus typical hair formulas - and why Cold Processed®?

I’m so happy to know you’re a fan. Typical hair formulas are produced through a heating process that causes active ingredients to evaporate. The loss in nutrients is then made up for through the addition of artificial ingredients, and unfortunately, many of them are known carcinogens or tied to potential health risks.  For example, the squeaky clean feeling from shampoo often comes from surfactants that strip the hair of natural oils and moisture, and the silky finish of conditioners is likely the result of silicones, which are actually trapping dirt and oil instead of allowing moisture to penetrate.  

We developed the Cold Processed® method to eliminate heat and instead mix our formulas using hyperbaric chambers, ice-cold water, and 1,200 pounds of pressure. We prioritize plant-based ingredients since the scalp can be a pathway for toxins into the body, so we prefer to source from nature to keep our products as clean and safe as possible.  Cold processing preserves the integrity of these ingredients throughout the entire process, so the result is a nutrient-rich formula that easily absorbs and fortifies the hair and scalp for optimal health.

Word on the street is that you’ve had a love-hate relationship with dry shampoo. Tell us why you decided to launch it and what we can expect from this new product. Also, does it work for colored hair?

Act + Acre, Plant-Based Dry Shampoo, $22

Traditional dry shampoos always irritated my scalp and felt tacky on my hair. They are commonly made of chalky powders and alcohols to quickly soak up moisture, aerosols for easy spray application, and artificial fragrances to mask odor. However, these quick fixes are actually quite harmful to the scalp over time. That said, dry shampoo has become a beloved staple for its convenience, so we saw it as an opportunity to reinvent it in a way that would not just avoid the common pitfalls, but more importantly, would also improve the health of the hair and scalp.

My goal was to create a multi-functional product that still provides that instant refresh, but also detoxifies and nourishes the scalp with each use. I never understood why most dry shampoos are made with over 20 ingredients, especially for a quick fix product. With just 6 ingredients, we were able to achieve a greater level of absorbency and deliver over 65 minerals deep into the hair follicle, all while keeping the scalp clear of residue and clogging.  

The rice and tapioca powders in our dry shampoo turn colorless once applied, so yes - it works for all hair colors! However, as with any dry shampoo, working it in with your fingers or a brush will yield the best results. I always recommend blasting the roots with cool air to evenly disperse the powder and get an extra boost of volume.

Debunk this: Dry shampoo can cause a build-up in our scalps. Is this true and what can we do to avoid it?

Yes, continued use can clog and suffocate the hair follicles (like the pores on your face), which can trap bacteria and lead to conditions such as dandruff and dermatitis and cause the hair to weaken and fall out.  

With our dry shampoo, we needed to ensure it wouldn’t just sit on top of the scalp and accumulate more buildup, and I wanted to add to the health of the hair instead of detracting from it. That led me to fulvic acid. It’s an organic acid compound naturally found in soil that directly feeds nutrients to plants while eliminating harmful substances and anything in excess. When we found that fulvic acid could be harvested to do the same thing for the scalp as it does for plants, we knew we were onto something special and it became the cornerstone of our Plant Based Dry Shampoo.

In addition to being mindful of the ingredients in your dry shampoo, you should deeply cleanse your scalp once a week using a product like our Scalp Detox to deeply cleanse. Giving yourself a scalp massage to loosen any remaining dirt and residue is also a great tip before washing!

How frequently do you recommend dry shampoo vs. a full hair wash, and what are the best haircare steps in between dry shampoo uses (aka the full Act+Acre routine)?

The Plant-Based Dry Shampoo is best for extending the time between washes or for adding more definition and texture. I also like to use it before hot yoga to minimize how much sweat builds up in my hair.

Act + Acre Plant-Based Dry Shampoo, $22

While our dry shampoo won’t compromise the health of your hair, it still shouldn’t replace a dedicated hair routine. The Essentials, our simple three-step system, is curated for optimal hair wellness. It begins with the Scalp Detox pre-treatment, a weekly oil treatment rich in nutrients to remove buildup and nourish the scalp. Then follow with our Hair Cleanse and Conditioner, which gently cleanse and weightlessly hydrate. Most people can cleanse and condition every 1-2 days, but can vary based on your lifestyle and hair type.

Act + Acre The Essentials
Act + Acre The Essentials, $85

As a hair care brand that cares about the earth, talk to us about sustainability and why that is core to your mission.

Since Day one, our motto has been “growing together—growing, always.” We are constantly challenging ourselves and others to evolve, and that includes finding ways to protect our valuable resources and giving back to the earth as opposed to taking from it. 

Just like we challenged the conventional processes of making products, we strive to find innovative and more sustainable solutions across the entire business:  

✓   Our bottles are made from PETG and PET, two of the most recyclable forms of plastic, and our products all come in boxes made from recycled materials.

✓   On the production side, the Cold Processed® Method allows us to use 90% less energy than traditional high-heat production. 

✓   As of  January 2020, we’re also proud to say that we are carbon-neutral, meaning we offset our carbon emissions to zero to aid in preserving the planet for future generations.

✓   The human-facing aspects are just as important to us. We make sure to partner with factories and farms that subscribe to equal wages and other sustainable practices. 

Our favorite question: We cover the new era of purposeful retail brands, and we trust you’ve tried a few. Can you share tips for other like-minded brands that our readers should try?

This is a fun question! We feel honored to be in such great company. 

✓   I’m one of those people who gets bitten badly by mosquitos, so I love Kinfield for its amazing DEET-free insect repellent called Golden Hour

✓   The Nue Co. has great science-backed products, as well as clean fragrances for the home and body. 

✓   Sexual wellness is often overlooked, so we love Maude for clean, effective, and beautiful products.

✓   Boka is my go-to for fluoride-free oral care that tastes good, but only uses natural flavors.

Blueland has a thoughtful curation of home-cleaning products that are focused on safe ingredients and lowering our carbon footprint as much as possible.

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