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New Traditions, More Meaningful Buys
December 9, 2020
December 8, 2020
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Meet Alex and Mike, @alexandmike

Meet Alex and Mike. Just to catch you up, Alex and Mike were inspired to enter the blogging scene in the middle of a Philly Starbucks. They wanted to put their passions all in one place and find a way to slip away from their usual 9-5’s. One thing led to another and voila, their lifestyle blog was born. For the past five years, they’ve captivated us with all things from product reviews to homemaking advice, and continue to do so everyday.

While the pandemic is certainly a first for everyone, Alex and Mike also got to experience their own set of firsts this year, aka buying their first house. This made their habit of decorating for the holidays starting on October 31st the most extra exciting. And even though the holiday season will most definitely be different, they are still hopeful to keep up with some of their holiday traditions. Every year, Christmas is more than just a lunch/dinner with the family. They dress up from head to toe in the finest holiday attire, and begin to celebrate from the moment they wake up, to the minute they go to bed. This starts with after waking up in a house filled with loved ones, cranking up the holiday tunes, and creating and enjoying mouthwatering breakfast spread together. Although the number of family members will be less this year (as according to safe social distancing) it will not mean there will be any less love and joy between everyone. 

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That being said, Alex and Mike also shared another tradition— sitting in the car and driving down the streets filled with Christmas lights is a wonderful way to spark the holiday spirit all while staying safe. Pro tip: make sure you bring a thermos of hot cocoa. 

And while quality time and fond memories of holiday cheer remain close in their hearts, Alex and Mike have invested into standing behind businesses that represent something much larger than selling products. The Verticale marketplace is the one-stop-shop for them to buy all of their holiday gifts from mission-driven brands. 

If this was a year ago, the idea of giving masks as a holiday gift wouldn’t even cross your mind. Now, finding a mask that will keep you safe and that feel nice and soft on your skin just makes sense. The Chaptex masks are made from Chaptex’s high-density construction and no-sewn edges. The material slips effortlessly over your face, the design is sleek to match any holiday style, and comes in different size choices to make sure you’re covered. 

Chaptex Masks 3-Pack, $40

A few more of Alex and Mike’s top picks include a watch by Nacre— because there is something about classic style and an analog watch that just go hand-in-hand. Not only are they gender neutral, but you can also swap out the bands meaning your watch can go from special occasions to everyday in a heartbeat. The next top pick would be A.N. Other’s cologne. At A.N. Other,  clean ingredients are key, making it the best scent to spritz around the house and once you’ve decided what to wear for the day (smelling good is always the best accessory).

And finally, if you’ve been searching around for the perfect pair of shoes to gift (and we also mean to gift yourself), Alex and Mike remind us of the importance of high quality. They are slipping on a pair of anything Nisolo and feeling good knowing that each shoe is ethically produced. So in the spirit of Alex and Mike’s promise to dress up for the holidays in their very best,  grab a pair to wear all around the house— your at home holiday style game will be unmatched. 

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Photos Via Alex and Mike, Nacre, and A.N. Other

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