Keep Your Home And The Earth Clean

Sustainable, eco-friendly ways to a cleaner home
April 22, 2020
April 22, 2020
What We Considered

✓   Eco-friendly cleaning

✓   No harmful ingredients

✓   Aesthetically pleasing and effective

Our Picks

✓   Blueland - Best all-purpose cleaner

✓   Cleancult - Most product options

✓   Truman's - Most trendy scentsundefined

If one thing is for sure, we are cleaning, cleaning, and uh, more cleaning. With all of this new found time, it wouldn’t be too hard to say that cleaning could be one of your new favorite hobbies — it takes time and keeps the germs away. We get it, you may not be thinking about all of the single use plastic you are starting to stockpile in your recycling bins. And you’re probably not thinking about the ingredients in those cleaners. But it’s still Earth month and to pay our respects, we’re sharing some awesome eco-friendly cleaning brands that promise to fight grime and germs, but in a safer, kinder, earth-friendly way.



Tried and true— Blueland is the one of our favorite eco-friendly cleaning companies. It all starts with their forever bottles, easy to buy in the Clean Essentials Kit— soap, all-purpose, mirror, and bathroom cleaner (or available in singles)—and their non-toxic refill tabs. All you need to do is fill your bottles with water and drop the tabs in. Keeping your house and the earth clean, one spray at a time. 

The Facts

✓   Non-breakable bottle

✓   Non-toxic formula

✓   Affordable refill tabs

Brand Standards

✓   Transparent about ingredients

✓   Helping to eliminate waste



Meet Cleancult: the at home clean cleaning brand (yes we said that on purpose). The key is their coconut-based ingredients, zero waste carbon neutral packaging, and an innovative storage design. BTW, you can make the switch for every household product from dish soap, to all-purpose cleaner, and even laundry detergent

The Facts

✓   Coconut-based formula

✓   Glass forever packaging

✓   Cleaner, soaps, and detergents

Brand Standards

✓   Carbon neutral packaging

✓   Almost zero plastic waste



Truman's was founded on the basis of de-cluttering the cleaning cabinet. So, they broke cleaning down to the basics with easy refillable cleaning bottles and ingredient lists that get the job done without harsh chemicals. Choose from 53 scents to give your home that refreshing clean that leaves an accomplished smile on your face (and the strong desire to tell everyone in the house to not touch anything).

The Facts

✓   Surface, laundry, toilet and dish cleaner

✓   53 different scents to choose from

✓   Refillable bottles

Brand Standards

✓   Clean ingredient formula

✓   Quest to reduce waste

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