Keep Calm And CBD On

The online CBD brands that keep us feeling chill
May 31, 2020
May 29, 2020
What We Considered

✓   The most chill

✓   Easy to use every day

✓   Quality ingredients

Our Picks

✓   Highline Wellness - Best variety

✓   Prima - Best sourced skincare 

✓   Tarot CBD - Best for inner balance

By now we’re sure you’ve heard that CBD is the new wave, and no mom, it doesn’t get you high. With the newfound knowledge of taking out the THC and leaving the CBD in, we’ve learned that you can reduce your anxiety, alleviate muscle aches, sleep better, and reduce fine lines and wrinkles. Oh and it’s pretty great if your pup needs something to take the edge off— see, everyone’s loving it. But sometimes, finding the right brand can get tricky — and pricey— so we’ve grabbed a few of our favorites to keep things chill.

Highline Wellness


Are you all about CBD lately? Highline Wellness is the one-stop-shop for everything you need. They’ve got the goods: gummies, topicals, oils, and even CBD for your pets. Start or end your day with one of Highline's products knowing it leaves you with ingredients that improve brain function and keep you feeling cool.

The Facts

✓   Topicals, oils, gummies

✓   Pet products available

✓   Affordable price points

Brand Standards

✓   3rd party tested

✓   Honest pricing



CBD’s effects go beyond feeling chill. Meet Prima, the brand that is integrating CBD into your health and skin routine. Take advantage of the Brain Fuel Elixir to keep your mind elevated and focused during the day. Then when it’s time to call it a night, prep your skin for radiance the next morning with Night Magic.

The Facts

✓   Skincare, supplements, & bodycare

✓   Products backed by science

✓   Honest ingredients

Brand Standards

✓   Complete product transparency

✓   Ethical ingredient sourcing

Tarot CBD


Tarot CBD combines CBD and herbs to create that chill feeling we love with an added twist. Each bottle is specially crafted to take advantage of the power of herbal healing. These beautiful bottles offer alternative health solutions to help with muscle pain, inner balance, and even libido. A few drops under the tongue are all you need to ease your mind and body.

The Facts

✓   U.S. Grown hemp

✓   Vegan and gluten-free

✓   CBD and herbal benefits

Brand Standards

✓   Organic food grade ingredients

✓   Pesticide, herbicide and solvent-free

More Finds

The calm doesn’t stop there. We’ve found a few more brands that are keeping it cool (yes even your coffee scrub benefits from some CBD).  These days, staying calm and focused seems harder than ever, so incorporating a new way to keep your cool and elevate your mood will definitely help keep you thinking of brighter days ahead.

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