It’s Stripped Down Lounge

The Annual Underwear Drawer Refresh
February 4, 2021
February 4, 2021
What We Considered

✓   Undies for real women

✓   High quality materials

✓   Comfortable and cute

Our Picks

✓   okko - For all day comfort and style

✓   Knickey - Most organic materials

✓   Nisolo - For cozy toes

Everyone’s wearing loungewear. So let’s strip down… literally. These days, we no longer feel obligated to wear bras— the one good thing that working via zoom has brought us. Plus, in the spirit of celebrating our bodies, it’s about time we give ourselves (or feel free to send to your S/O for some Valentine’s Day inspo) a true underwear drawer refresh. After all, the underwear from the $5 for $25 sale only lasts about two months— so let’s trade in fast fashion and move towards high quality materials. It will give you something to look forward to before slipping on your cozy joggers in the morning. 



Fun fact: okko stands for ‘OUR KIND OF KNOCK OUT’. Founder Phoebe Kunitomi was inspired by her own Korean heritage and made sure to use Asian minimalism as the foundation of building a brand of functional and beautiful lingerie. Ultimately, the goal was to create seamless styles for every skin color for women to feel confident to take on the day— and it does just that.

The Facts

✓   Seamless panties and bras

✓   Inspired by Asian minimalism

✓   Colors for all skin types

Brand Standards

✓   Diverse Founders

✓   Women’s Empowerment

✓   Reducing Waste



This may be a little TMI, but you need to know, Knickey’s GOTS Certified Cotton and other organic materials that are used to create the softest undies are not only good for the earth, but also for the good for down under. It shouldn’t come as a shock that synthetic fabrics don’t support women’s health. So do yourself a favor and make the switch— and feel free to use Knickey’s recycle program to get rid of all of the not-so-good undies in your drawer.

The Facts

✓   GOTS Certified Cotton 

✓   Various silhouettes

✓   Good color assortment

Brand Stanards

✓   Responsible Materials

✓   Ethical Production

✓   Local Craftsmanship



For the final piece in your ‘walk around the house in your underwear day’ you’ll need a cozy pair of socks. Yes, we’re 1000% serious right now. Good thing Nisolo has us covered with 50% upcycled organic US-made socks to wear now, and later. The temperatures on the east coast are low and we’ve found great pleasure slipping on a pair, immediately feeling our toes warm up.

The Facts

✓   Made in US

✓   Breathable cotton

✓   Various colors

Brand Standards

✓   Responsible Materials

✓   Ethical Production

✓   Philanthropic

More Finds

The goods don’t end here. Why? Because sustainable undies are not only good for the planet, but they’re also good for our bodies. Think about it, we don’t like synthetics in our skincare, so we shouldn’t let them sit against our skin all day. Not to mention, organic and clean fabrics come with unmatched comfort, and with Valentine’s Day around the corner, it’s just the time to go out with the old, and in with the new for your undies drawer.

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