It's High Time To Treat Yourself

Men's Personal Care To Start The Day Off Right
January 7, 2020
January 4, 2020
What We Considered

✓   Affordable wellness

✓   Products that work

✓   Easy to use

Our Picks

✓   Hims - Best product variety

✓   Huron - Most natural ingredients

✓   Harry’s - Best prices

The once singular aisle of men’s personal care consisting of the iron three— Gillette, Barbasol and Axe— is no longer. Times are a cha-cha-changing. It’s a new year, so let’s take a minute to talk about our hair, skin, health, and everything in-between. Only 1 in 10 of us men are expected to feel comfortable talking about this stuff with a doctor. So that means we need to take an extra minute to read in order to avoid embarrassment later. Are you with us?



Meet Hims— the brand that has created a one-stop shop for all wellness. They’re making prescription access easier and more affordable. Not to mention they’re providing the health advice you’ve been searching for on Reddit and your private browser right on their site. Finally, products that smell great, feel great, and actually work.

The Facts

✓   Hair, face, and sexual wellness

✓   Gummy, tea, and pill options

✓   Both prescription and ready-to-order

Brand Standards

✓   Make prescriptions more affordable

✓   Industry leaders making men’s health affordable



We may roll our eyes at words like toner and wrinkle cream, and let’s face it, you are not about to jump in bed with a $100 skincare line. Enter Huron, making your 2020 routine easy and affordable with four products that deliver what you want: getting rid of grime, and leaving your skin refreshed.

The Facts

✓   Affordable beauty products

✓   Free of parabens and chemicals

✓   Face and body products available

Brand Standards

✓   Made with men in mind

✓   Never tested on animals

✓   100% vegan



Harry’s is embracing what it means to be a man giving us affordable and efficient personal products. They believe that men should embrace true masculinity— accepting others and nurturing the growth of those around you (not just hitting the gym). Their simple, clean smelling products are here to take over your bathroom cabinet.

The Facts

✓   Face and body products

✓   Lightweight for everyday use

✓   Free of chemicals and parabens

Brand Standards

✓   1% of all sales donated to charity

✓   Offer mental health advocacy for all men

✓   Help 500,000 men by 2021

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