Introducing Brow Flick, Glossier’s Revolutionary Brow Pen

Get your Boy Brow a Shelf Buddy- seriously it’s worth it
June 18, 2019
June 18, 2019
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If there’s anything we can thank the beauty industry for these days, it’s giving us back our eyebrows back (thanks Cara, you really sealed the deal)- no more thin line eyebrows. These days, the term brows on fleek really holds some serious weight– it’s the difference between a good day and a bad day if you ask us. But some of the hot retail brands (yeah Benefit and Anastasia, we mean you) have made eyebrow maintenance so damn expensive. Enter Glossier 👋🏻.

It’s hard to remember a time before Boy Brow, Glossier’s ultimate creamy brow groomer that launched with a 10,000 waitlist (p.s. It was worth it). Seriously, stay all day, pomade-based with basic shades that fit everyone’s brows for only $16? No wonder fans were storming Twitter and Insta. And now Glossier has gone and added the Brow Flick - a detailing pen here to fill in your brows. These two work perfectly in tandem. Think of the duo as the soul to your mate, the best to your friend. Get the picture?

We know that you’re already about to click that link, but if you’re still reading, here are all the dirty details:

✓   Copolymers– This fancy word is the key to us loving this product- it means that this product is long-lasting and the pigments naturally adhere to the skin. Aka you can go to the gym in the morning and meet the girls for lunch without looking like your brows are melting.

✓   Super Fine Pigments– Instead of going on dark this coverage is buildable. These pigments match the style of our hair so that we aren’t walking out of the house with overdone eyebrows.

✓   Flow Through Brush Applicator Tip– Lightly add depth to your brows at the pace and tone that you want - no more pressing your pencil too hard or over dipping your brush. This changes the game for all of us out there struggling to get that perfect transition from the beginning (where it’s gotta be more sparse and defined) to the tail (where we want max smoothness). And we get it the felt tip might be a little new– but we promise it’s a lot better than using a sharpie 💁🏻.  

Ready to get the Glossier Boy Brow & Brow Flick duo that goes together like Ernie & Bert? Click here to see it with your own eyes. Only a humble $30 to kick off your summer of brows.

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