How These Founders Are Keeping Calm At Home

Tips on staying sane during quarantine, and a really good giveaway
May 18, 2020
May 18, 2020
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We’re staying home and the curve seems to be flattening, but that doesn’t mean anyone’s stress levels are lowering. With changes happening around us every single day, it’s important we take a step back and breathe (safely in your own home or in fresh air, of course). To make sure you can relish in a bit more y-o-u time, we’ve teamed up with Verticale-Approved brands to give you a chance to win the ultimate self-care package, and talk with some founders about what they’re doing to avoid going stir crazy. We’ll kick off with our own founder, and keep scrolling for good vibes and more info on our Wellness Giveaway


Ilana Kruger, Founder & CEO
Ilana Kruger

“I’ve been really enjoying the “slow morning” since quarantine started, it helps me make a distinction between work time and non-work time since like most of us, my house and my office have merged. I make a Dripkit and sit outside and journal a bit and set a goal for the day ahead. Sometimes I’ll FaceTime a friend and we will have a morning coffee date which has been a really lovely way to start the day.”

Léon & George

Ron Radu & Nicholas Bartoli, Co-Founders
Ron Radu & Nicholas Bartoli

“My home has always been a sanctuary of sorts, and now more than ever it’s played such an important role in my physical and mental well-being. Whether it’s sprucing up a bookshelf or literally rearranging an entire room (plants included!), I find that nesting during this time can be very therapeutic.” -Nico

“We spend more time than ever in front screens these days. Doing things with my hands after a workday or on the weekend has been helpful. For example, I’ve been giving my plants extra TLC: cleaning their leaves, repotting, deep watering, etc. Working with plants is incredibly relaxing, and taking care of them is innately connected to taking care of ourselves.” -Ron 

Richer Poorer

Tim Morse & Iva Pawling, Co-Founders
Tim Morse & Iva Pawling

“For me it’s about making health a priority. I’ve become obsessed with trail running, putting in about 25 miles per week. As I reflect on challenging periods in my life, it’s running that seems to be that buoy that keeps me afloat. Not only does it keep your body in shape and your endorphins firing, it also provides a bit of sanity when you’re out there solo; with only your footsteps and breathing to guide you.”  -Tim Morse


Eric, Drew & Alex, Co-Founders
Eric, Drew & Alex

“I started a new 10-day Headspace challenge, focusing on change. Every morning I have been listening to their guided meditation, emphasizing 'noting'. It’s a technique used to distinguish the difference between thinking and feeling. It has been really powerful in the last couple of days as there’s so much change ahead. Keeping a positive attitude, but also allowing myself to be confused/upset/worried.” -Alex Iwanchuk

“I’m a big bulletproof coffee drinker and jitters just became the norm. By adding 60 MG of Feals to the mix, I maintain my morning focus and energy without the dreaded caffeine-fueled anxiety.” -Drew Todd

“Getting back to a routine has been important and I’ve started my twice-daily 30-minute meditation. Afterward, I’ll jump on the Peleton to get my body moving.” -Eric Schiebling


Madison Ruggieri, Founder
Madison Ruggieri

"Now that I work where I eat, sleep and relax, I’m making an extra effort to do small things to mentally separate my day between work and after work. I like to end the day with a face mask, like our Pore-fectionist Refining Facial, and ten minutes of journaling. It helps me put work aside and focus on myself in the evening.”

The Verticale

Jaclyn Grauman, Founder & CEO
Jaclyn Grauman

"As a start-up founder, I’ve become all too familiar with working from home - but it used to be broken up by energizing days of running around the city for coffee meetings with other founders.  Without that, I’ve started forcing myself to find personal time away from my screen. My go-to's for staying balanced are running outside with my golden doodle pup, a gratitude journal (the 5-minute Journal of course), and the Calm meditation app. I’m definitely no pro and throw off my schedule all the time, but this is what I keep coming back to.”

Port Products

Matt Ruggieri, Founder
Matt Ruggieri

“I’m trying to get outside every day. Sometimes I go for a run or hike when possible. The change of scenery and fresh air breaks up the day. I always make sure to apply our Sol Defense SPF Moisturizer. Still have to protect against sun damage even if it’s just 30 minutes outdoors!”


Jordan Nathan
Jordan Nathan

"Like everyone else, I've been cooking more in quarantine. In "normal life," I'm the type to work through lunch, grabbing something to-go and eating it in front of my screen. Being home and responsible for every meal has made me take a step back from my desk, have some time to decompress midday and enjoy a meal, and then come back to finish the rest of the day recharged. Having that little break has been game changing, and I'm hoping to continue this habit post-quarantine."


So now that you’ve got a few ideas to change up your routine, let’s talk about our Wellness Giveaway. Yes, we said the magic word. If that is not already incentive enough to enter, have a look at all this good stuff you could win. 

✓   Leon & George: Gift card worth $100 

✓   Caraway Home: Fry Pan & Linen Apron worth $150

✓   Richer Poorer: Gift card worth $50

✓   Dripkit: Sip & Drip Combo worth $56

✓   Feals: 1 bottle CBD 1200 MG worth $135

✓   Onekind: PM Power Couple worth $82

✓   Port Products: Marine Layer Collection worth $94 value

And if we’re talking numbers it’s all worth over $665! Damn.

We’re not done. Because we are in the business of calling out brands for going above and beyond your average retailer, we’re inviting you to nominate a medical worker you know that is working tirelessly on the front lines that deserves some extra love right now. We’re picking seven winners, one for each brand, to give away a second set of goods to spread the good vibes around. All you have to do is leave a comment on our Instagram post here— because we can all do our part to come out of this stronger and kinder than ever before.

Stay safe out there. 

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