How Otherland Is Shaking Up The Scented Candle Industry

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November 17, 2019
September 17, 2019
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Let’s face it: our candle taste is starting to get more refined these days. We've traded caramel and pumpkin for amber and moss, doesn't mean we want to spend a ton of $$ on candles (raise your hand if you've bought a candle you can't afford to light every day). Should a quality, scented candle really cost as much as a dinner for two? Otherland definitely doesn't think so.

Otherland has a straightforward mission — create meticulously crafted candles for a price we can all get behind. The founder, Abigail Cook Stone, has a self-proclaimed, moderately healthy obsession with candles. Same girl, same.

Careful thought has been put into designing every part of an Otherland candle — from the custom wax blend to the woven cotton wick. Otherland's core collection features scents like saffron, fig, summer greens, and wood, and come with comforting names like Rattan, Canopy, and Daybed. BRB, we're creating our dream home decor Pinterest board with these exact themes. They even have a Scent Sampler that gets mailed to your house so you can commit with no regrets. Keep an eye on the Limited Collection releases for new scents to add to your candle rotation (we know you have one) and switch things up. 

And because Otherland knows that we hoard our candle containers long after the wax is gone, they've kept the shelfie potential in mind with beautiful designs and reusable glass tumblers that we would happily use for anything from cocktail glasses to makeup brush holders.

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