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Good Sleeps Only This Year
January 15, 2021
January 15, 2021
What We Considered

✓   For a goodnight’s sleep

✓   A needed refresh

✓   Products that last

Our Picks

✓   Pluto - Best custom pillow

✓   Ettitude - Best for hot sleepers

✓   Dame - Best for before bed

It’s a new year and we bet you’re still sleeping on the same (now quite flattened) pillow you’ve had since college. Luckily, we’ve decided to let you in on a secret that we've been sleeping on all quarantine, updating your bedding (or anything in your bedroom really). Trust us, it will make you feel like you’re sleeping in your favorite hotel. No, for real. We aren’t going anywhere anytime soon, but that does not mean we can‘t pretend like we are. So why not refresh your bedroom— it’ll make you feel even less guilty about hitting the snooze button, and welcome the new year catching only the best Z’s.



Tired of the kink that makes its way to the side of your neck every so often? Meet Pluto, the completely customizable pillow. All you need to do is take a quiz, and Pluto will take care of the rest. All pillows are made with a specialized foam core and plush outer shell for unrequited comfort, and absolutely no more neck aches. 

The Facts

✓   Fully customizable

✓   Full and king sizes

✓   Foam core & plush outer shell

Brand Standards

✓   Reducing Waste

✓   Diverse Founders

✓   Mind & Body Wellness



Hot sleepers, say goodbye to feeling FOMO in 2021. You can now wrap yourself in temperature-regulating, silky-soft, bamboo lyocell. Ettitude brings us antimicrobial hypoallergenic sheets, duvets, blankets, and pj’s all ethically produced in WRAP certified factories— all made with a fraction of the water used in cotton production, btw.

The Facts

✓   Bamboo lyocell

✓   Anti-microbial & hypoallergenic

✓   Made in WRAP Certified factories

Brand Standards

✓   Responsible Materials

✓   Ethical Production

✓   Philanthropic



Remember, your bed is your space. Dame is here to help you close the pleasure gap. Made together by engineers and sexologists, all products are made with medical grade silicone and reliable components meaning they’re made to last. Truth is, science says O’s actually do help you sleep better— so we had to add them to the list.

The Facts

✓   Made by women

✓   For singles & couples

✓   Medical grade silicone

Brand Standards

✓   Women’s empowerment

✓   Inclusivity & Individuality

✓   Mind & body wellness

More Finds

Cozy sleeping doesn't end here. Check out some more of our favorite brands to keep your bedroom a place of rest— since we know that some of them have also become home offices. Whether the change is major or just a little something to add to your bed, we promise you’ll notice a difference in sleep quality immediately.

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