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June 5, 2019
June 5, 2019
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No matter how much we love our lightweight denim and t-shirts, there’s just something about throwing on a dress in the summertime and showing the streets who’s boss. Not only does it feel great, but it requires so little thought - no stockings or boots to coordinate - just some easy shoes, maybe a denim jacket and voila, you’re ready to go. So if you’re looking for durable fabrics that will hit you in all the best ways, you’ve come to the right place, my friend.

We love these trusted  brands because their style and authenticity resonates with us in a real way. They're making dresses we love at fairer prices - and often doing it in an eco-friendly, socially conscious way we can actually feel good about. That’s right, good vibes only around these parts.

If you ask us, we’d rather have a small handful of go-to dresses that make us feel great time and time again, over a whole bunch of inexpensive Zara frocks that are harmful to Mother Earth and will only last a short while. Take Reformation for example - with every ridiculously amazing, badass dress, you’re supporting a company that’s working hard to minimize water input, energy input, land use, eco-toxicity, greenhouse gas emissions and human toxicity. Phew, we’re out of breath. These dresses may be an investment, but they're damn worth it.

So go ahead. You deserve a summer of effortless style and impossibly soft dresses.

Modern Citizen

Modern Citizen is a destination for modern women where you’ll find refined, eye-catching styles, with truly accessible price tags. We can’t get enough of their playful prints and burnt summer hues that have us feeling oh so summer ready (now if only the weather would cooperate). Don’t mind us while we take a minute to add their lightweight dresses to the top of our summer must-haves list.

The Goods

✓ Lightweight fabrics

✓ Either ‘unlined’ for lightness, or ‘lined’ for modesty

✓ Visit MC at their San Francisco and New York pop-ups

Why We Stand Behind Them

✓ Their styles are named after admired women

✓ On a mission to make style accessible


Reformation is all about sustainability with feminine (and some might say sexy) styles. If you’re down to show off your figure, there’s no better way to do it than these gorgeously crafted, eco-friendly dresses. We love Reformation because they’re protecting our one-and-only planet and bringing us clothes we just can’t get enough of. Wear one of these bad boys, and heads are sure to turn.

The Goods

✓ Fiber standards

✓ Lightweight fabric

✓ Forest-based materials

Why We Stand Behind Them

✓ Eco-conscious methods: green building infrastructure, carbon neutral & more

✓ Ethical and transparent production, local production

✓ Green building infrastructure


Dôen is a brand motivated by nostalgia and known for their vintage Cali take on past decade replicas - not to mention, their intricate hand-woven designs are hard to forget. So get ready to daydream. Founded by a team of inspirational women that set out to change the world, Dôen is so much more than just a beautiful clothing brand. Dôen is dedicated to closing the gender gap by working with women-owned, women-run factories, and by partnering with “Room To Read” to promote literacy and gender equality in the areas where their clothing is produced (countries in Asia & Africa).

The Goods

✓ Hand-women, embroidered knit pieces

✓ Breezy dresses that allow for movement

Why We Stand Behind Them

✓ Working to closer the gender gap

✓ Partner with “Room To Read” to promote literacy & gender equality

✓ Sustainable, ethical production

✓ Use real women instead of models


AYR - pronounced “air”, gives us the luxury of lightweight fabrics in killer silhouettes as part of their perfect seasonal essentials, which is what the brand is all about. Rather than focusing on the label or logo, AYR believes it’s all about the woman who wears it. Second that, girlfriend, second that. And the key to success is all about our confidence, so let’s be sure to strut our stuff in these standout go-tos that will have everyone asking where your dress is from.

The Goods

✓ Dresses in cotton & silk lightweight fabrics

✓ Check out their denim too

Why We Stand Behind Them

✓ Empowering strong, confident women since 2014

✓ Loved by its customers and the media alike


Meet Cuyana - universally flattering staples with a refined aesthetic. And yes, this is the brand known for the stunning leather totes you’ve seen around town. Like us, Cuyana believes less is more, when it comes to both their style and their minimal wardrobe approach. We shouldn’t be surprised that their motto of Fewer, Better Things also extends into a Lean Closet program that works to get unloved apparel into the hands of abuse victims, helping out women who truly need it.

The Goods

✓ Quality materials and thoughtful designs

✓ Silk dresses made of 25mm silk crepe de chine

✓ Made in the U.S.A, Europe, South America, China & more

Why We Stand Behind Them

✓ Lean Closet movement partnership with H.E.A.R.T. (Helping Ease Abuse Related Trauma)

✓ Dedicated to empowering women

The Kit

Aspiring to turn heads with self expression, The Kit celebrates personal style. Founder Daniel Vosovic is a Fashion Designer-turned-Founder, who set out to create an independent brand that doesn’t produce waste (a problem that’s all-too-common across the apparel industry). One of the ways The Kit does this is by digitally printing every garment - that means that no ink or water is used unless that garment has a home. Hell yeah, let’s all applaud that effort.

The Goods

✓ Digitally printed designs

✓ Comfortable materials range from cotton to spandex

Why We Stand Behind Them

✓ Sustainable material

✓ Less ink + less water = less pollutants


With cotton fibers that hail directly from the Nile Delta in Egypt, we can’t help but daydream about how soft Kotn’s fabric is. Kotn claims to have the softest cotton around, and we just so happen to be able to personally confirm that. And to top it off, is there anything better than a summer dress with pockets?! Nah. So grab a Kotn dress and get ready to head for the day - or crawl back into bed... whatever. These eco-friendly dresses will work perfectly with whatever your day has in store.

The Goods

✓ 100% certified authentic Egyptian cotton

✓ Select style dresses with pockets!

Why We Stand Behind Them

✓ Certified B-Corp (that means they’re super eco-friendly)

✓ Work with a local NGO to provide education to children living in the Nile Delta, empowering young girls to experience equal opportunity

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