Henning: Workwear You’ve Been Waiting For, Size 12 And Up

You’ll never want to be in anything but business casual ever again
November 8, 2019
November 7, 2019
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Founder Lauren Chan started Henning because she was tired of fighting the fashion industry when it came to workwear for plus-size women. As powerful women in business, we deserve so much more than fast fashion pieces that last for a few months before they have to be replaced. Not to mention the bad quality keeps you from being your best professional self.

Henning is inspiring a new wave of professional wear. No more feeling like your looks are missing something. Take it from us, nothing says you mean business like a statement blazer and perfectly tailored pair of  pants. Yeah well it’s a lot harder than it sounds, isn’t it? Henning's founder knows the truth: our bodies are different, so it’s about time we have a brand ready and willing to take on the challenge. The debut collection includes the Bank Blazer, which was inspired by men’s blazers Lauren used to thrift and tailor for herself.

Get to it. It’s time to check out the sz 12-24 workwear line you’re about to fall head over heels for.

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