Headed Somewhere?

The luggage you need before hitting the road
February 8, 2020
June 6, 2019
What We Considered

✓   Radically honest pricing

✓   Stylish, sleek and modern design

✓   Innovation making on-the-go easy

Our Picks

✓   Away - Best for the over-packer

✓   Paravel - Best for the sustainable packer

✓   Arlo Skye - Best for the luxury packer

This is the age of travel and you don’t have to look hard to find endless proof that our generation is trotting the globe more than those that came before us. As we head off to explore the world, we need luggage designed to stay by our side, stand the test of time and heal our traveling woes. Our Thai Island adventure shouldn’t be the story of how our luggage zipper split on the ferry from Koh Tao to Koh Samui. Btw, we don’t mean to push, but we just have to say - if your soft bags don’t slide onto your luggage handles then you’re seriously missing out. Life is too short to have your bag swinging around, sweeping the floor every time you turn a corner in the airport. For all that and more, look no further. Because we’re pretty sure we just heard Wanderlust calling your name.


Away set out to make premium luggage accessible, and in the process, built a brand that inspires real life connections, eye-opening experiences and unforgettable travel tales. Designed to be your closet between closets, it’s convenient features will (hopefully) help you store your socks and hats in a place where you can actually find them.

The Facts

✓   Carry on & full-size suitcases, weekender bags and backpacks

✓   Removable battery chargers

✓   TSA-approved lock

Brand Standards

✓  Work with Peace Direct to build peace in conflict areas around the world



Meet Paravel, the brand setting the bar for new age travel. Their luxurious travel bags are flexible and designed for multipurpose use, ready to accompany you on all of your adventures. Paravel’s bags come from mills that supply some of the world’s most prestigious brands – and by selling to you directly they keep their prices accessible.

The Facts

✓   Products: weekender, duffels, fold-up bags & travel accessories

✓   Monogramming/ Personalization available

✓   Water and Stain proof canvas

Brand Standards

✓  Working to make luggage more sustainable

Arlo Skye


Founded by Louis Vuitton and Tumi alums, Arlo Skye makes stunningly elegant luggage in insanely high quality materials like polycarbonate shells, aircraft-grade aluminum alloy, and silent run wheels. Plus, they’ve changed up the game by removing the outer zipper and replacing it with an effective 1-touch open/close frame.

The Facts

✓   Products: carry on & full-size suitcases, weekender bags and backpacks

✓   Portable, removable charger from LG & Panasonic 

✓   Whisper quiet wheels

Brand Standards

✓   Disrupting the industry making luggage at fair price points

More Finds

You can’t forget about your suitcase’s travel companion: the backpack and the duffel. We’ve grabbed a few of our favorite bag brands to add that extra space for whatever you need for your next travel destination. These bags also get the job done when you’re headed off on a mini getaway and you just need the bare essentials.

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