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The new way to find your signature smell
November 7, 2019
November 7, 2019
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Meet Hawthorne: your new favorite personal care brand. Get a whiff of this, Hawthorne introduced the first ever personalized method to finding your signature smell. This means no more walking down the deodorant aisle trying to find a brand that doesn’t remind you of your teen years. No more weird, manly names for our soap -  and for crying out loud no more headaches from the cologne that you thought was the one (as per the lady who sold it to you for a hundred bucks). 

It’s all about the quiz, and no, it’s not trying to find out if you know what pinewood and musk really are. The quiz finds out virtually everything about you aka, what you want from your products, but also what you do in life, and how often. After about five minutes of giving Hawthorne all of your info, minus your social security number, a full curation of products are selected just for you. 

These products range from bar soap and body wash, shampoo, conditioner, deodorant and cologne. They’ve even got your cologne figured out to a science, one for work, one for play. They’re taking the questions out and giving us everything we need. Hawthorne even tracks how often you use your products so then once you’re running low, you just have to quick order a refill. 

Now there’s no excuse to get on your A-game. Have everyone asking you what you're wearing, and feel good knowing it was made just for you.

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