Graduation From Afar

Hats off to the Class of 2020
May 20, 2020
May 21, 2020
What We Considered

✓   Delivered right to the Grad’s door

✓   Perfect for now and post-grad

✓   Entering the workforce (and real life) in style

Our Picks

✓   Artifact Uprising - Wooden Frame

✓   Floyd - The Headboard

✓   Nacre -Mini Lune

Here’s to the drive-bys, the virtual commencements, and putting on your sibling’s cap and gown to get some front yard pics. This is definitely not what you were picturing the end of academia to look like. But guess what? You did it, you finished school. So here are a few things we put together to treat yourself, or subtly send the link to your parents to help them pick out the perfect graduation gift.

Furniture Upgrade

Bedding is not the only thing that is time for a major upgrade. It doesn't matter if the new grad is headed back home or cramping in-style with friends in a city apartment, furniture is an absolute must. There's nothing better than a fresh-start home makeover, just saying.

So Long Childhood Bedroom

The days of Twin XL are finally over. Not another minute trying to decide whether or not you need a mattress pad for your mattress pad. Give your grad the ultimate gift— magically soft sheets to fall into every night after a long day at work. A bit less conventional, but one hundred percent something they need.

Raise Your Glass

There is no better way to celebrate, than to toast to that very special piece of paper to commemorate all of your hard work. These drinks are delivered right to your door— no going to the grocery or liquor store necessary. Think of this gift as a way to say: treat yourself— only with these, you can gladly avoid those post-celebration scaries.

Backpack Upgrade

A sure win: entering the workforce with an adult-friendly bag. Not only will new coworkers be giving these bags the side eye, but there is nothing these bags can’t hold. Each style comes with its own hi-tech innovative features that will close the chapter of the good enough bag that lasted throughout your student days.

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