Gifts That Make An Impact

The Gifts That Go Beyond The Give
November 23, 2020
November 23, 2020
What We Considered

✓   Gifts that give back

✓   Best holiday giftables

✓   Quality materials

Our Picks

✓   Know - Gives back to

✓   Tortuga - Study Abroad Scholarship Fund

✓   Nisolo  - Gives back in all aspects

This year has been the opposite of the roaring 20’s. But all that being said, this time at home has put a lot of power behind our dollars. With conscious consumerism at top of mind for the holidays, we wanted to share more about some of the names we stand behind. The Verticale-Values help us and you get to know more about the missions behind the brands— and this week is all about giving back. So here are our top-picks known for their own give-back programs.



A pair of Know Headphones will be unexpected and best-received. Their noise-cancelling tech combined with the hands-free interaction eases every current headphone frustration— and their matte color palette is everything. What we stand behind most is that for every pair of headphones bought, a portion of the profits go to to support teachers in public schools who are working to shape the future.

The Facts

✓   Noise-cancelling 

✓   Ear-buds and headphones

✓  7+ hours of listening time

Brand Standards

✓  Philanthropic



Tortuga backpacks define the everyday traveler. With enough space to save you some cash for your next getaway, Tortuga makes it easy to stay organized without having to underpack. That being said, Tortuga wants to give everyone the opportunity to travel and explore— so they made a Study Abroad Scholarship fund— every purchase donates a portion of the profits to help students have access to life changing travel (when the world opens up again, of course).

The Facts

✓   Backpacks and organizers

✓   Versatile for travel + everyday

✓  Weather-resistant

Brand Standards

✓  Philanthropic



Three cheers for a brand like Nisolo who is not only committed to ethical production from start to finish, but has also invested in the good of our future. Purchasing with Nisolo means a part of your sale goes to the Amazon River Basin to fight against climate change, and help micro-entrepreneurs dress for success. And never throw away old shoes again, instead give them to Nisolo who has partnered with Soles4Souls.

The Facts

✓   High-quality, premium materials 

✓   Shoes, socks, bags, jewelry

✓  Men’s and women’s

Brand Standards

✓   Responsible Materials

✓   Ethical Production

✓  Philanthropic

More Finds

We couldn’t leave you without mentioning a few more of our go-to give-back brands. It’s officially the season of giving no matter how unconventional this year may seem— and we all know that any way you can make your buying worthwhile— giving back to local charities so others can enjoy the season too will mean the world.

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