Get A Coat That Can Do Both

Say yes to weather-Coated, Conscious and Chic Outerwear
November 8, 2019
November 8, 2019
What We Considered

✓   Gorgeous aesthetics and warmth

✓   Ethical production practices

✓   Premium quality at fair prices

Our Picks

✓   AETHER Apparel - Best aesthetics

✓   The Arrivals - Best quality and warranty

✓   Everlane - Best ethical practices

Ladies, de-frost yourself! When the denim and leather jackets no longer cut it, it’s time to kick your winter wardrobe into high gear and for the perfect cozy, weatherproof winter coats. Whether you love it or hate it, you’ll be braving the harsh temps in these babies for a long time, so don’t be afraid to snag some options to help you get through the season. From everyday essential wool peacoats to bold statement parkas, we present our selection of The Verticale-approved ethically made, premium quality coats to invest in this winter.

AETHER Apparel


Calling all outdoorsy badass women. Meet LA-based brand, Aether Apparel who creates the perfect pieces that are both beautifully design-focused for an urban environment, yet highly functional and made with technical fabrics. We know you’re a woman who can do it all … isn’t it time for your closet to keep up?

The Facts

✓   Finest in technical apparel held to an urban aesthetic

✓   Modern, classic pieces that defy trends

✓  A nod to the great outdoors in every design

Brand Standards

✓   Commitment to quality

✓   Socially responsible manufacturing practices

✓  Commitment to the best customer experience

The Arrivals


With a proprietary warmth-grading system called the Heat Retention Index (HRI), The Arrivals have beautifully mastered optimal outerwear silhouettes for your specific environment and needs. Find everything from bold, trendy colored parkas to high-fashion, high-performance technological outerwear—this brand has you covered. They’re so sure of it, they even offer a lifetime guarantee.

The Facts

✓  Designed in NYC

✓  Commitment to master fashion and performance

✓  Everyday to the extreme transitional outerwear

Brand Standards

✓  Prioritize quality through reputable manufacturers

✓  Use a proprietary warmth-grading system for accuracy

✓   Lifetime warranty



Warning: Everlane coats may make your other coats jealous. Made of 100% recycled materials, each coat is a nod to their commitment to sustainable, eco-friendly and ethical practices. If it weren’t for their radical transparency, we wouldn’t even know it, because these coats scream luxury and high-quality, guaranteed to keep you warm throughout the winter season.

The Facts

✓   100% recycled materials 

✓   Stunning variety of silhouettes, cuts, and styles

✓   Luxury quality, all under $300

Brand Standards

✓   Ethical production practices

✓  Eco-friendly methods + recycled materials

✓  Radical transparency

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Image Credit: Aether Apparel, @aetherapparel/ The Arrivals, @thearrivals/ Everlane, @everlane/ Modern Citizen/ LTH JKT/ Universal Standard/ AYR

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