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The Inside Founder Christiane Lemieux shares her journey in new book, Frictionless
June 23, 2020
June 23, 2020
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Not too long ago, Christiane Lemieux, founder of  The Inside heard a resounding: “Christiane, no one is ever gonna buy a sofa online.” Oh, how the times have changed.  

The Inside Founder and Author, Christiane Lemieux

Serial entrepreneur, turned author of Frictionless, Christiane has been at the forefront of the e-commerce shift, meeting customers where they are and building an online experience that’s seamless, delivered in 3 easy clicks, and made just-for-you. At The Verticale we don’t normally cover books - we cover retail - but when we heard about this book that focuses on the evolution of e-commerce and the better era of brands, well, we couldn’t keep ourselves away. So we caught up with Christiane to hear what she learned when she sat down with Andy Dunn, founder of Bonobos, as well as the founders of Hims, Dame, Billie, and more. Spoiler alert, it all comes back to a frictionless e-commerce experience. 

Here’s the biggest takeaway Christiane had to share: there are no shortcuts when it comes to building a digital user experience. “You have to make sure shipping is free, you have to make sure you have 30 day returns. The internet has all these rules. If you think you can work around the table stake that Amazon has put into place, you’re crazy,” said Christiane. Amen. 

Frictionless, $29.99

Christiane learned everything she knows about the new e-commerce standards after selling her first company to Wayfair back in 2013, joining the Wayfair e-commerce team, and immersing herself in the world of online shopping. It was then that she stopped believing in the traditional business model and was inspired to launch her current venture: The Inside. The Inside takes an innovative approach to furniture, allowing you to customize your furniture from 100+ fabric options and have it shipped right to your front door in 2-3 weeks. P.S. their fabrics are phenomenal, read more about why we’re such big fans here.  

For those who enjoy nerding out over the future of retail as much as we do, you can find Christiane’s new book Frictionless, written in partnership with journalist Duff McDonald, available to buy here. And for any aspiring entrepreneurs who may be reading this, we will leave you with one piece of advice courtesy of Christian Lemieux herself: overdeliver. “And you better love what you’re doing, because being an entrepreneur is relentless. That’s baseline.” Again, let us all say, amen. 

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