For Sippin' In Style

And Your New Found Mixology Skills
September 2, 2020
September 1, 2020
What We Considered

✓   Sophisticated glassware

✓   Affordable pieces 

✓   High quality that lasts

Our Picks

✓   Snowe -  Most classic selection

✓   East Fork Pottery - Best array of colors

✓  Hudson Wilder - Most modern aesthetic

Have you been working off the same few glasses that you bought when you first moved into your own place for all of quarantine? We know there is absolutely no need to bring out the family heirloom crystal glassware your parents passed down, but we can do better than a regular kitchen glass or mug (when everything’s in the dishwasher it calls for desperate times). Elevate your kitchen cabinet and bar space with a few sets that we’ve found for you for a quick flex on your next zoom happy hour.



If you are looking to bring the works of your night at the Blind Barber home (in case you haven’t heard it’s a barber shop by day, speakeasy by night) Snowe will help you achieve your ultimate mixologist goal. Each piece is made from Italian lead-free crystal glass with an added bonus of being completely dishwasher safe.

The Facts

✓   Extra durable and break resistant

✓   Lead-free crystal glass

✓   Versatile for everyday use

Brand Standards

✓   Designed to last

✓   Made in ethical American and European factories

East Fork Pottery


We’ve already fallen for East Fork Pottery’s dishware and the recent transition to more drinkware and everyday kitchen items is the best news we’ve heard all quarantine. Each glass is hand blown and either made directly in North Carolina or handmade with the finest sourced artisans in Italy.

The Facts

✓   Wine, sake, whiskey, and rocks glasses

✓   Each hand blown for unique shapes

✓   Dishwasher safe

Brand Standards

✓   Uses recycled glass when possible 

✓   Advocate against systemic inequality and racism

Hudson Wilder


Hudson Wilder has disrupted the home industry with a promise of radically transparent price and high quality glassware. Their modern spin on traditional glass shapes calls our attention— the Brant wine glass silhouette is inspired by dutch tulips and the colored bases to the Aita.

The Facts

✓   Hand blown

✓   Thermal shock resistant

✓   Dishwasher safe

Brand Standards

✓   Radical price transparency

✓   Drinkware designed to last for less waste

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Photo Credits: @snowe/ @hudsonwilder/ @eastforkpottery/ @haus, @bev, @winebox, @usualwines

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