For an Earth-Friendly Shoe Game

The Most Breathable Sustainable Sneakers FTW
August 26, 2020
August 25, 2020
What We Considered

✓   Breathable materials

✓   Eco-friendly

✓   Maximum comfort

Our Picks

✓   Thousand Fell -  First fully recyclable shoe

✓   Greats - Most eco-friendly fabric selection

✓  Allbirds - Best for exercising/active feet

Stepping up your shoe game means a lot more these days than finding the next hypebeast label on the market. There’s a bigger picture here. Make your purchasing power impactful by not only finding the perfect breathable sneakers to match your style aesthetic, but also by knowing where your sneaks come from and what they’re made of. Get acquainted with the brands that are pushing typical shoe fabric choices out of the box — they’re making shoes that put your foot comfort and the world’s wellbeing first.

Thousand Fell


Thousand Fell has created the world’s very first 100% recyclable sneaker. Each pair is made with bio-leather fabric soft enough to promise a no-blister experience and a quartz-finish ensures no scuffs will ever harm your perfect white sneakers. And for those who hate lacing up every morning, meet the Slip On

The Facts

✓   Sweat-proof aloe vera mesh liners

✓   A small lift for all day support

✓   No breaking in necessary

Brand Standards

✓   100% recyclable

Full Circle Footwear



Your go-to’s for leather sneakers have upped their game with two sustainable sneakers to add to the family: the Royale Knits and the Eco’s. For Greats, sourcing sustainable fabric is key — so they’ve turned to plastic water bottles, cotton twill, and algae that has been removed from overgrown eco-systems.

The Facts

✓   No virgin plastic used

✓   Natural rubber outsoles

✓   GRS certified cotton twill

Brand Standards

✓   Eco-friendly packaging

✓   Mission to make retro sustainable sneakers



Allbirds keeps their materials simple: wool, tree bark, and sugar. With their coined Trino™ (tree (eucalyptus fibers) + merino) they’ve woven a super yarn that is woven together making their shoes sweat-proof for an all-day wear. They’ve even recently launched the Tree Dashers, designed to be lighter for high-level performance capabilities (yw runners everywhere).

The Facts

✓   Breathable fabric

✓   High Top, Everyday, and Tree Dashers

✓   Made of renewable materials

Brand Standards

✓   Tree fiber sourced from FSC® Certified forests

✓  Working to be a carbon negative brand

More Finds

If the shoe fabrics above haven’t blown your mind, wait until you find out that these brands use fabrics sourced from plastic bottles and cannabis (s/o to 8000 Kicks for that one). It’s not just what they’re made of but how each pair is made, take Nothing New, they chose stitch construction to avoid harmful byproducts when bonding to soles to the shoe.

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