Finding A Good Men’s Button-Down Isn’t Easy

the best men's shirts with the most innovative tech materials
March 8, 2020
March 8, 2020
What We Considered

✓   Most innovative materials

✓   Best for making it through all day 

✓   Timeless colors and simple prints

Our Picks

✓   Unbound Merino - Most odor-free material

✓   Ministry of Supply - Best wrinkle-free tech

✓   Mack Weldon - Most easily washable

If there’s one thing we know for sure it’s that finding the right button down is a never ending challenge. You have plenty of options, but none of them can be deemed the greatest shirt of all time. We’re here to change that for you by grabbing some options that focus on what you need in a dress shirt— anti-sweat and wrinkle-free tech materials, comfort, and the ability to go a few wears without washing (what? Yes, we’re for real).

Unbound Merino


If you’re the guy that spends 3 days in the office and the rest of the week hopping on flights, Unbound Merino is the brand for you. Prepare to travel lighter thanks to their innovative use of merino wool. This magical material doesn’t wrinkle, is temperature regulating, and best of all, is odor-resistant and can go weeks without a wash. Sheer genius, if you ask us.

The Facts

✓   Odor-resistant

✓   Wrinkle-resistant

✓   Dries quickly

Brand Standards

✓   Sustainable materials

✓   Minimalist approach

Ministry of Supply


Say goodbye to the going to dry cleaners or asking mom to press your dress shirts for the week. Ministry of Supply’s bringing you two style options: the Aero and the Apollo. Since both options are made with a soft-piqued fabric that you can toss in the washer, tumble dry low and throw it right on in the morning, no iron required.

The Facts

✓   Wrinkle free technology

✓   Slim or standard fit

✓   Machine washable

Brand Standards

✓  Launched a carbon neutral line

Mack Weldon


Mack Weldon is here to ensure you’ll never stress about those pit stains under your jacket again. Their specialized fabric  (aka  37.5 ) keeps good air flow and works with your body, stopping the sweat in its tracks and working to keep you at a cool and comfortable 37.5 degrees Celsius at all times (even when you’re speed walking to your next meeting).

The Facts

✓   Softens every wash

✓   Underarm sweat guards

✓   Can be worn untucked

Brand Standards

✓   WRAP certified factories

✓   ISO-Certified product quality

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