Finding A Couch That Fits Your New Home

In with the new, out with the ratty old couch
January 3, 2020
June 8, 2019
What We Considered

✓   Premium quality

✓   Affordable, fair prices

✓   Chemical-free & avoiding landfills

Our Picks

✓   Article - best modern style

✓   Burrow - best for couch potatoes (and dogs)

✓   Joybird - most sustainable

We’ve rounded up the best online sofa companies that have been disrupting the industry over the past few years. It goes like this - you select your dream couch, it arrives in a box and then you quickly assemble it. Hot damn, you’re good to go. Get ready to kick back and celebrate the fact that you’ve saved yourself a painful shopping trip to Ashley’s Home Furniture. Because with these brands, the deal doesn’t “end tomorrow” – it’s every. single. day. Truth, that’s what happens when you eliminate the retail markup.



Founders of Article came up with their business concept while adventuring in the Arctic Circle (go figure). They’ve since built a company founded on the idea of simplicity and efficiency, known for outstanding quality and attention to detail. By eliminating inefficiencies in the supply chain, they’re able to offer a hell of a better deal.

The Facts

✓   Leather + fabric sofas

✓   30-day satisfaction guarantee

✓   5-star reviews

✓   Flat delivery fee of $49

Brand Standards

✓   Built on the premise of simplicity and efficiency



Burrow is one of our favorite brands - their innovative design allows for sofas to be easily moved or transformed to fit a new space altogether. PSA: their scratch-resistant, durable materials are made for real life, not a cookie cutter catalog. So get ready to hang - their sofas even have built-in USB chargers so you don’t have to move.

The Facts

✓  Transformable structure, perfect for moving

✓  Scratch-resistant, dog-friendly fabrics

✓  Free material swatches

✓   Augmented Reality app for planning

Brand Standards

✓   Made in the USA (North Carolina)

✓   Chemical free, low carbon footprint



This story of how these founders came together to create a company that offers the best possible experience for the customer, is truly inspiring. Joybird’s product offering includes both leather and fabric sofas in both standout colors and neutrals. And for each item sold, they plant more trees than were used to manufacture that item.

The Facts

✓   Leather + fabric sofas 

✓   365 day satisfaction guarantee 

✓   Unlimited flat-rate delivery

Brand Standards

✓   Over 446,000 trees planted

✓   Lifetime warranty

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