Everyone Is Turning To Micro-Weddings, Here's Why

Getting hitched isn't the same as it used to be
June 30, 2020
June 29, 2020
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✓   Anomalie - Best custom gown

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Have you ever thought about how many weddings have been cancelled or postponed in the last three months. The answer is millions. In fact, 64% of weddings have been postponed due to COVID-19. While we’re behind being safe, spending all of this time to celebrate your love together only to have a pandemic get in the way really sucks— we feel you. 

Insert the answer. Micro-Weddings. By definition a Micro-Wedding, or Minimony, is a “mini” wedding. Your officiant may even be tuning in via zoom. It’s a much smaller, intimate gathering with a few loved ones, rather than your entire guest list. And the rest is pretty much DIY. This may sound daunting. But, since you were planning the whole thing on a larger scale, it’s actually much simpler. 

Before you ask, no, this does not mean that you are giving up the wedding of your dreams. Once everyone can gather in one space without fear of spreading germs, you can have a Sequel Ceremony. Pre-Covid, Sequel Ceremonies were mainly planned for cultural and religious purposes, but with the pandemic they have definitely been trending. Good news is, you get two chances to celebrate your love.

Finally Wearing White

Yes, the day has arrived where you can buy the perfect dress online. Depending on your style, and your target date of course, choose from styles that match a bohemian backyard bash, or a black tie ceremony on your patio. Plus, if designing your dress has been a dream of yours, Anomalie has made it possible with an online questionnaire.

Suit Up

Husbands to be, we know the fanciest you’ve gotten during this quarantine hasn’t gone further than your fancy joggers. Nevertheless, for your big day, be sure to leave your S/O speechless with a high-quality, 100% affordable suit or tux (for more click here). Hopefully you can think back to a time when you did wear a suit to unleash the suave and debonair man ready to say “I Do”.

Something Shoe

We bet you’ve been secretly missing the perfect shoe to complete your look every day. Good thing a wedding is the perfect excuse to get back on your shoe game. Hey, choosing the right style will definitely affect your overall micro-wedding aesthetic. If you go with sneaks, we suggest matching socks— it’s the perfect touch and will make a cute photo.

Fresh Flowers

Fresh flowers are another way to emanate sophisticated micro-wedding vibes. They can brighten up your ceremony space and most importantly, you shouldn’t walk down your makeshift aisle with no bouquet in hand. And for those of us who don’t absolutely love flowers, succulents are the perfect way to bring life to all aspects of your day.

Setting The Scene

We’ll leave you with a few items to finish off your celebration of commitment. Some aesthetic touches to the micro-wedding venue here and there is the perfect opportunity to showcase your taste and creativity. Also, the Instagram generation understands that each element in the photo has to match the vibe perfectly. It’s an art, so why not have the most beautiful wedding day?

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