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July 2, 2019
July 1, 2019
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If we all lived the same  life, that would be pretty damn boring. And while some of us are posing in bikinis along the Italian coast, others are bathing on NYC rooftops while throwing back chocolate covered pomegranates. It’s cool, that’s what makes the world go round.

When it comes to bathing suits, we need options at hand so that we’re comfortable no matter what the day has in store. Never do we want to be caught wearing a swimsuit that doesn’t fit the occasion...because that sounds like too much regret for a hot summer day. Some one-pieces are perfect for that sexy romantic getaway with our boo, others are made for wearing around the boyfriend’s fam - and some even double for both occasions. One thing’s for sure - having options on hand is the key. 

Gone are the days when we were expected to have that stereotypical beach bod and wear those unflattering  string bikinis. We’ve evolved, and our favorite swim brands (rounded up for your viewing convenience) are the ones leading the charge. They’re inclusive of body types, lifestyles, you name it - and it’s also worth noting that they’re all founded by women. So they truly understand the ins and outs of a good swimsuit. In case you needed any more reason, let us remind you that they can all be tried on in the comfort of your own home. Yea, sounds better than your local department store fitting room.

Ready to take this party to the pool?


So much to say, so little time. Summersalt is one of our all-time favorites, mainly because we’ve tried their suits firsthand, and never have bikinis looked so flattering. Maybe that's due to the over 1.5 million body measurements they took from 10,00 women to build the perfect fit guide. And boy has their homework paid off. Summersalt’s vibe ranges from family-appropriate to cheeky stunners. And for our soon-to-be-moms out there, they have a maternity collection that we’re a tad obsessed with. Plus their latest campaign, Every Body is a Beach Body is right up our alley.

The Goods

✓ Honest pricing

✓ “Data-backed fit” - They took over 1.5 million body measurements from 10,000 women to build the perfect fit guide

✓ Compression lining 

✓ Try at Home (request a code to get started)

Why We Stand Behind Them

✓ For women, by women  

✓ Earth-friendly practices

✓ Promote inclusivity


Made by women, for women - with prices you can’t resist. For starters, their Instagram is 100% worth coveting. In fact, We spend a lot of time staring at it and dreaming up our next adventure. Andie started off on a mission to create a better fitting one-piece, and has since expanded to go-to bikinis too. We can always count on them for solid colors in neutrals and jewel tones - and perfect fits you can live in all summer long. Great for actually swimming, lying under a palm tree… or whatever else your summer has in store.

The Goods

✓ Home try-on program 

✓ Fit quiz to steer you in the right direction 

✓ Compression lining 

✓ Free shipping & returns

✓ Affordable prices

Why We Stand Behind Them

✓ For women, by women 

✓ Produced in a woman-owned factory

✓ Size inclusivity


With their luxurious, sexy, and elegant styles, we can't help but obsess over Reformation’s swimsuits. Cheetah prints on the ready, beach bound two-pieces and even some tye-die action to keep your options endless, just like the summer. Meet your ultimate swimwear  for spicing things up or walking down the beach just to collect those “where’d you get that” eyes. Always keeping it sustainable, Reformation makes most of their swimwear from Econyl, a regenerated nylon fibre created from waste materials, including fishing nets, fabric scraps and carpet fluff.

The Goods

✓ Swimsuits in a variety of prints and styles 

✓ One-pieces and bikinis

✓ Lightweight stretchy swimsuit fabric

Why We Stand Behind Them

✓ Eco-conscious methods: green building infrastructure, carbon neutral & more 

✓ Most swimsuits  made with recycled materials 

✓ Ethical and transparent local production 

✓ For women, by women


Minimalism at its finest. If you’re in the market for simplistic designs made with quality materials, this is the brand for you. They aren’t into overdesigned swimwear - or overpriced swimwear for that matter. Bikyni keeps things easy with only 5 bikini tops, 3 bikini bottoms and 1 one-piece, all made in a variety of colors. To top things off, they use recycled materials to make their dream swimwear at a factory right here in the U.S. of A.

The Goods

✓ Premium, quality materials and fit 

✓ Fabric from Italy

✓ Fabric is made using an innovative process that regenerates nylon from rescued waste 

Why We Stand Behind Them

✓ Made in the USA 

✓ For women, by women 

✓ Sustainable materials


Lively thrives on bringing out each individual woman’s sexiness. This brand started off making lingerie, and since decided to maximize those comfy bra-making skills by applying them to swimwear too. Lively lets you mix and match colors, materials, whatever you want - the world is your oyster. We love their playful prints, adorable stripes and cozy fits, great for hanging out all day long. Plus you’re sure to love these prices, with one-pieces starting as low as $65. A straight up steal, if you ask us.

The Goods

✓ Variety of prints and materials, from active-inspired to vintage-vibes 

✓ Mix of active and  

✓ Fair prices starting at $65

Why We Stand Behind Them

✓ Promotes a method of strength & confidence through  #livingLively program

✓ Ethical manufacturing 

✓ For women, by women

Outdoor Voices

We can all agree that movement is of the utmost importance to maintaining our best look (whatever that means to us), and Outdoor Voices is here to make sure we do it confidently and comfortably. Their swimwear is designed for activity - these suits are made to sweat in (well, if you should choose to get sweaty). They’re also good for lying on striped blankets in the sand. So go ahead, get a suit that gives you endless options.

The Goods

✓ Technical Apparel for Recreation


UPF 50+ UV protected 

Why We Stand Behind Them

No need to be an “athlete” to wear OV

Promote inclusivity & diversity

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