Men's Denim Done Right

Jeans for every season - no questions asked
October 31, 2019
July 31, 2019
What We Considered

✓   Fair, transparent pricing 

✓   High-quality materials

✓   Classic styles for all seasons

Our Picks

✓   Buck Mason - Best classic cuts

✓   Bonobos - Best fit standards

✓   Mott & Bow - Most elasticity

Fact: the one thing you need in your closet is a good pair of jeans. Nowadays, everything seems to be getting slimmer and slimmer, but in reality, if we could live in that old pair of baggy sweatpants every day, we would. Lucky for us, our favorite online brands have got the denim game down pat. No more spending too much money on a label, or succumbing to the dreaded dad-jean when you’re in a bind.  Let’s spare you that trip to the mall and get our denim straight from the source.

Buck Mason


We couldn't talk about classic denim without talking about Buck Mason. The founders of Buck Mason have one goal: to modernize the American classics. Their denim is made domestically and through factories overseas to ensure the highest quality (all 14oz Japanese denim) at one easy price plus free shipping– so make sure to grab a few pairs. 

The Facts

✓   14 oz. Japanese cotton 

✓   Slim and Standard

✓   2% spandex for stretch

Brand Standards

✓   U.S. domestic production

✓   Fair working conditions in factories



Since you already know that Bonobos established themselves to get rid of the horrid “diaper butt”, it’s only natural that they take part in the denim game too. They’ve got a wide variety of fits to keep your closet stocked for every season with incredibly descriptive names like The Everyday & Athletic Fit

The Facts

✓  Stretch denim that won’t bag out

✓  Signature curved waistband

✓  Lightweight and less stretch options

Brand Standards

✓   Stand for gender equality & inclusiveness

✓   On a mission to reinvent the retail store experience

Mott & Bow


Mott & Bow’s founder, Alejandro Chahin, brought his experience in the denim industry to New York to create quality products at a fair price. They’ve literally got denim down to a science (see: denim science). Trust the process. It gives us soft, long-lasting jeans that look sharp and hold up all day long. 

The Facts

✓  Available in straight, slim and skinny

✓  Italian left hand weave– 11%-20% elasticity

✓  Stone washed

Brand Standards

✓  Family-owned facility

✓  Control the entire manufacturing process

✓  Minimize waste

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