Demystifying Sunscreen with Peachy

Let’s Keep Your Skin Healthy This Summer, Ok?
July 16, 2020
July 14, 2020
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Peachy Co-Founder, Dr. Carolyn Treasure

We’ll come out and say it (don’t punish the messenger): there is no such thing as safe tanning. Potentially cancerous rays should be enough to get you to protect your skin, but in case you need more incentive, you also have to avoid photoaging. What’s photoaging? Good question. Photoaging begins within 5 minutes of sun exposure and results in premature aging of the skin (which manifests as fine lines, unevenness in skin tone, and coarse skin texture - eek). If you want to get sun kissed but stay safe, you’ll want to hear what Peachy Co-Founder Dr. Carolyn Treasure has to say about protecting your skin.  

Turns out, the best ways to prevent wrinkles and treat photodamaged skin are: sun avoidance, sunscreen, and prescription strength retinoids. Let’s start by talking about sunscreen.

If you’re like us, finding the right sunscreen with honest ingredients at a fair price is exactly what we look for. Peachy Mineral Sunscreen Spray is at the top of our list this summer - and every summer after that. What makes their sunscreen stand apart from the rest is the fact that it's a mineral-based formula. That means it’s loaded with ingredients such as antioxidants, botanicals, and humectants, offering benefits beyond just sun protection. On top of that, every product is clean, cruelty-free, paraben free, oil free, hypoallergenic and reef safe.

Peachy Tinted Facial Sunscreen

Peachy has also created a line of tinted moisturizers (packed with skin-friendly ingredients and SPF, of course) to switch out with your typical face makeup. Peachy Tinted Facial Sunscreen differs from traditional makeup because it employs the use of naturally occurring iron oxides to create a universal tint that is flattering for all skin tones. Its lightweight, silky texture defies traditional makeup application by ensuring sheer results that protect your skin, instead of covering it up. 

Before you say that the reason you sometimes opt out of sunscreen is because you want to optimize your Vitamin D synthesis— hold please. Treasure has debunked this common misconception. Lengthy studies have proven that broad-spectrum sunscreens do not compromise your Vitamin D levels. To put it simply, your levels may be low now because you’re using protection against harmful rays, but you may need to spend more than a beach day here and there to catch all of the good Vitamin D the sunshine can bring. 

So there you have it— we’ve given you a Peachy solution to staying protected all summer long.  

We'll leave you with some exciting news. Peachy has opened their first NYC studio on July 6th— book your in-studio appointment for preventative botox and prescription retinoids here. And if you aren't quite ready to head in, try booking a virtual wrinkle consultation instead. Either way, be sure to keep your skin safe out there! 

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Carolyn received her Doctor of Medicine from Harvard Medical School, graduating cum laude with a distinction in academic research. She has written multiple peer-reviewed articles and been published in a number of medical journals, such as JAMA and PLoS Medicine. She was also a candidate for a Master of Business Administration at Harvard Business School, but deferred completion to follow her passion and create Peachy.

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