Dad, This One's For You

Meet The Ultimate Father’s Day Guide
June 8, 2020
June 8, 2020
What We Considered

✓   Unconventional gift ideas

✓   Dad-approved

✓  Gifts that will last

Our Picks

✓   Supply - Single Edge 2.0

✓   Bonobos - Performance Golf Polo

✓   MVMT - Sterling

The day of celebrating dad is almost here. Let the countless searches filled with clichéd gifts begin… or not. This year, let’s step it up and get dad something better than that one-off gift he’ll only use a few times. Go for something that will last, and not to mention have him bragging to his buddies about. We found a few gifts that will do exactly that. After all, he deserves it— without all of his corny jokes, important life advice, and always being there, we don’t know what we’d do.

Step Up His Medicine Cabinet

For dads, sometimes the smallest change to their routine can make them the happiest people alive. Starting off and ending his day with a new product will surely brighten up his routine. Trust us, he’ll think that Quip’s ideal brushing time of two minutes is the most genius invention there ever was.

Best Shave Ever

As a kid we bet you remember hearing dad grumbling a time or two about the cost razors and blades— or maybe he still does. It’s time to give him that nudge he’s been needing to stop giving in to those overpriced brands at the grocery store. Introduce some innovative blades that get the job done and make shaving feel less like a chore.

Chill Dad Time

Even dads deserve some specially dedicated wind down time. Encourage him to explore some different avenues when it comes to personal care— like catching up on SPORTSCENTER for the night while chilling with a HETIME face mask on and the smell of a Hawthorne candle wafting his way. Who knows, it may become a weekly thing after this.

Clothes He'll Want To Wear

Buying clothes for Dad is no easy task. He’s got the few styles he likes and when he finds something that works, usually he just wears until there are holes. Ah, to be so simple. Good thing these brands are here to give his closet a small refresh and open his mind to style, thanks to innovative fabric choices and relaxed cuts that look good all year long.

For Looking Good On The Front Nine

Dad may be spending all of his summer days out on the green. If you see him dusting off those clubs in the garage, it’s a good idea to help him out with a head start to his wardrobe. Whether he’s the early bird who’s been working on his swing all quarantine, or just taking the time to have a cold one or two on the fairway, now he can do it in style.

Maybe This Will Stop The Snoring

He’s infamous for the head-back, mouth-open snooze on the couch, and whether it's a faint background noise or it makes you question if he left the lawn mower running, dad is almost always snoring. As much as this is a thoughtful gift for dad, mom might actually thank you more for it. Hey, proper head and neck support can be a real game changer for all parties involved.

A Chef's Kiss

With all of this time at home, Dad may have picked up a new skill dabbling in some recipe making— or perhaps he’s been deemed mom’s official sous chef. If this is the case at your house, giving the gift of a few new kitchen items will most likely result in more delicious home-cooked meals— and dad not asking why there’s never any lids for the pans left in the cabinet.

Watches You Can Afford

Lastly, this could never be a proper Father’s Day gift guide without a few watch options. While it may be one of the top gifts for dad every year, we’ll bet he doesn’t have one of these yet. All of our picks are made from the finest craftsman, function flawlessly, and don’t make you feel like your paycheck is gone after buying. This is where we say, you’re welcome.

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