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July 22, 2019
July 21, 2019
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Meet Curology, the skincare line you’ve definitely scrolled past on Instagram. Maybe no one has stopped to tell you why it’s so amazing - good thing you have us. For starters, Curology’s formula is personalized for your skin. That’s right, this is no cookie cutter skincare solution. After signing up, you’ll work with a dermatologist online (yes, from the comfort of your own couch)  - and that professional will get to know your skin and create your very own formula for day and night. Once you get started, they’ll watch your progress and adjust the ingredients as needed. So if the formula isn’t working as well as you’d hoped, they’ll try try again. Because, hey, even a magic ball can’t always predict what’s best for your skin. And all of this special attention and personalization comes at a ridiculously fair price of under $20/month. I know, you’re already sold. Should we just stop there?

We’re all about the real and so is Curology (no wonder why we like them so much). The Curology community gives us an inside look at their product in action and the self confidence transformation that comes along with its success (our personal fav aspect):

"Can't believe I've been using Curology for a year already, it honestly feels like yesterday! My mom was spending all of her money on a bunch of different products. I was in such a bad place and my confidence was definitely at its lowest. I was so done with using all these products and seeing zero results. I finally decided to try Curology and I still can't believe it sometimes. I'm so grateful, thank you Curology! And a special thank you to my momma." -@amariseqs (check out transformation pic below)

So here’s everything you have to know about Curology:

  Subscription service starts at $19.95 a month

  Custom formula made especially for you

  Personal one-on-one customer service

  Community to share your progress

  Curology blog that features everything you need to know about your acne

  $19.95 for one month-supply and $39.90 for two month-supply

We know you’ve definitely dealt with a breakout or two (or a million). And testing new products on your face is risky business. It’s fair enough that your worst fear is, well, making it worse, but the good news here is that over 3,500 people have posted their success with Curology thanks to the #curologyjourney. Curology is a skincare brand that deserves your trust, and it’s about time we found a company that cares about the well-being of our skin as much as we do.

So you know, we aren’t the only ones that were excited to find an online brand that’s getting real about our skincare. Check out The Coveteur, Glamour, Business Insider, and Bustle - they’re all raving about the brand that’s saving our skin. #fanclub

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image credit: Curology, @curology

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