Cozy Scents For Fall

The Perfect Way To Warm Up Your Home
September 11, 2020
September 10, 2020
What We Considered

✓   Long lasting burn time

✓   Perfect for Fall

✓   Sustainably made

Our Picks

✓   Otherland -  Most scent options

✓   La Botica - Best minimalist design

✓   Cancelled Plans - Best scent names

We are welcoming the cool breezes to bring autumn leaves, all things apple cider, and of course lighting as many candles as we can. Nothing beats striking a match to unleash the warm aromas that remind you of all the wonders Fall can bring. This season, change up your usual big box store candle buys - instead find clean candles with surprising yet timeless scents that burn for more than five days before you have to restock.



Welcome the flickering embers of your favorite Otherland candle. Find a sustainable blend of coconut and soy wax mixed with limited edition scent combinations hand poured into a beautifully designed glass tumbler. If you can’t decide which candle to start with, order a scent sampler to help you out (or feed further into your candle addiction).

The Facts

✓   Coconut and soy wax

✓   Limited edition scents

✓  100% cotton wick

Brand Standards

✓   Clean ingredients

✓   Repurposable candle tumblers

La Botica


Budding candle and chillwear fashion brand La Botica is the wanderlust’s escapism cure. Light a match and mentally travel anywhere in the world for up to 75 hours. Since the typical fashion week season is on the horizon, we recommend burning Barcelona. Each candle is made with a coconut and apricot wax based with added ethically sourced essential oils.

The Facts

✓   Apricot coconut wax

✓   75 hours of burn time

✓  100% Pure Ethically Sourced Essential Oils

Brand Standards

✓   Designed to last

✓   Only uses premium materials

Cancelled Plans


If you are the coined millennial or gen z of the group, Cancelled Plans are the candles for you. We truly resonate with the founders’ commitment to hand pouring their coconut and apricot based candles in small batches, but also with what they’re called. For real, you’ll actually look forward to spending some time with  Student Loans for once.

The Facts

✓   Coconut and apricot wax

✓   Hand poured wax

✓   Catchy candle names

Brand Standards

✓   US based — Seattle, WA

✓   Small batch production

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