Cozy Blankets To Snuggle In

Your Bestie for Couch-Side Movie Marathons
September 24, 2020
September 24, 2020
What We Considered

✓   Only the coziest options

✓   Perfect for the couch and bed

✓   Made from premium materials

Our Picks

✓   Bearaby - Best for anxiety relief

✓   Coyuchi - Best organic fabrics

✓   Brooklinen - Most style options

It’s time to refresh the blanket you’ve hogged all quarantine. Despite all of your time social distancing in the nice weather, coming home and hitting the couch with your roomies or family is where all of the best memories have been made all quarantine. Whether it’s one to many glasses of wine, oversharing your favorite Tik Toks, or wondering if you could ever get tired of watching The Office or Friends on repeat. Now that we’ve officially headed into the fall season, be prepared for more lowkey nights with a high quality snuggle buddy.



Bearaby has woven hand knit blankets from organic cotton and/or plant-based tencel to create the most beautiful weighted-blanket to grace our couches and beds. In addition to it’s out of this world aesthetic, you are getting a blanket that has been proven to help deepen sleep cycles and increase serotonin levels (the happy hormone) thanks to the evenly distributed weight you are laying under— can’t think of anything you need more for this momentous (okay disastrous) year. 

The Facts

✓   15, 20, or 25 pound options

✓   Hand knit and filler free

✓   In-season color options

Brand Standards

✓   Tree Napper is sustainable and biodegradable 

✓   Organic premium materials



Meet Coyuchi, an organic home brand that understands the importance of snuggling up to a soft blanket while keeping the environmental impact low. Choose from organic cotton, linen, and wool depending on what you need in an on the couch throw, or an edge of the bed must (for those of us living with sheet hogs).

The Facts

✓   Organic cotton, linen, and wool

✓   Solid and patterned options

✓   Grown in Turkey woven in Germany

Brand Standards

✓   Ethically made and GOTS certified

✓   Product impact measurements available



Tried and true, Brooklinen brings an effortless ease of comfort and style to your home. Warning: adding an organic cotton quilt or ethically sourced lamb’s wool blanket to your couch may undo all of your hard work training your furry friends this quarantine. But what the heck, everyone deserves a snuggle night under one of these.

The Facts

✓   Eco-friendly sourced wool and cotton

✓   Quilts and throws 

✓   Solids and patterns

Brand Standards

✓   Eco-friendly fabric sources

✓   Price transparency

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