Coterie: Virtually Every Component Of A Diaper, Upgraded

The next generation of baby care for modern parents who expect the best
November 6, 2019
November 6, 2019
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If you’re reading this--you’re probably a parent just taking your first few minutes of well-deserved me time; so, just remember: ‘you’re doing great, sweetie!’ We know that being a parent can be pretty tough sometimes, you’re basically everyday heroes, and since every hero needs a sidekick, let us introduce you to Coterie: the next generation of compromise-free baby care that promises safety, performance, accessibility, sustainability, (even style!) to complete your mission.

After two years of global research, Coterie engineered the ultimate diaper; with superior softness and flexibility for the perfect fit and unparalleled absorbency to combat any leak or blowout disaster, this diaper will upgrade your baby care from the bottom up! We were shocked to find out that traditional diapers have not evolved since long before we were in diapers ourselves … crazy, right? So, Coterie designed the most innovative diaper, with the highest standards and completely transparent ingredients, for the modern parent’s dynamic lifestyle, bringing quality and innovation back to baby care — because they know your baby deserves the best. 

They are committed to making your life easier with hypoallergenic, dermatologist-tested, chemical-free diapers shipped to your door, and to making the planet better by offsetting their impact with non-profit recycling and donation partners that you can learn more about here. So, the next time you’re questioning whether or not you’re a cool mom (or dad), you’ll know you’ve covered your a*s and your baby's too, with the most trustworthy, sustainable diapers in the game!

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