The Comforter That Will Change Your Life

Because a good sleep will really do that for you
November 12, 2019
September 12, 2019
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Maybe you’ve met Buffy on your Instagram feed. What you might not know is that Buffy is doing things differently by saving the planet while wrapping us in heavenly softness. All of their materials are sustainable or renewable versions of the common materials that you know - eucalyptus fiber (a sustainable form of Rayon) and 100% recycled Polyester (no virgin Polyester is used). Plus, they make sheets and pillows too. Score.

There are perks to being sustainable: the regenerated eucalyptus makes this 100% hypoallergenic comforter more resistant to bacteria, mildew, and mites. Founder and CEO Leo Wang uses his family-owned textile mills to create these drool-worthy comforters. That means a 300-single ply, thread count comforter made with the utmost care and consideration. All Buffy products are cruelty free – for every comforter made, 12 geese are saved from being live-plucked for down, 50 water bottles are kept out of landfills, and it takes less water to make than the average comforter (peep their site for more facts). Bonus: Buffy sheets are naturally dyed with ingredients like gardenia and pomegranate, meaning no bleach or harsh chemicals going into our water. Talk about living a guilt-free, sustainable life.

They even have a try-before-you-buy program. So if you are loving the idea of being wrapped in a Buffy comforter, but want to try the fluffy goodness for yourself, you can order one for a 7-night sleep trial (with credit pending). Click below to snag some Buffy products for a better snooze.

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Image Credit: Buffy, @buffy

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