Bring The Nail Salon Home

For All Mani Pedi Needs
September 17, 2020
September 17, 2020
What We Considered

✓   Clean ingredients

✓   Fun and trendy colors

✓   Easy to use at home

Our Picks

✓   Pear Nova - Best color names

✓   Olive & June  - Best mani kit for newbies

✓   Tenoverten - Cleanest ingredient list

Staying home has made us appreciate the little things— especially the ones that include nail appointments. But with clean beauty on the rise, it’s also important to integrate products in every realm of self-care and style. Swapping out your usual nail appointment (that often leaves your wallet feeling slightly lighter than you hoped) will be a walk in the park once you get a hold of these clean-ingredient colors. At-home applying just became a no brainer.

Pear Nova


In 2012 Rachel James took a trip to Paris to attend Cosmet’agora, a conference for leading cosmetic chemistry brands once a year, in order to learn about how to make a lux and velvety formula for nails. From there, Pear Nova was born. Known for their witty color names, this nail polish takes on a look of leather and silk all while being vegan-friendly, cruelty-free, and made in the USA.

The Facts

✓   Witty color names

✓   Formaldehyde free

✓  Gel and lacquer

Brand Standards

✓   Black-owned, female founded

✓   Vegan-friendly

✓  Cruelty-free

Olive & June


Olive & June has brought accessible nail care right to your door. In addition to having their very own salon in Beverly Hills, you can order their 7-Free (meaning free of seven most harmful nail polish ingredients) paints right to your door. For manicure newbies, the Poppy makes it easy to keep your hand steady and even when brushing on your favorite color.

The Facts

✓   7-Free Polish

✓   Manicure tools

✓  Accessible price points

Brand Standards

✓   Female founded

✓   Vegan-friendly

✓  Cruelty-free



New York City is crawling with over priced nail salons— Tenoverten was founded by Nadine Abramcyk and Adair Ilyinsky with a focus on being timeless rather than trendy. It’s less about the dips, gels, and powders, and more about finding a toxin-free polish formula that lasts. Plus, using rose and celery oil as the root ingredients for healthy nail care.

The Facts

✓   8-Free 

✓   Polish, tools, and nail care

✓  Botanical based ingredients

Brand Standards

✓   Made in New York

✓   Female founded

✓  Cruelty-free


ManiMe uses a 3D scan of your fingers (a simple pic) to perfectly measure a set of stick-on gels that last you two weeks. Easy at-home application involves just peeling and sticking— not to mention there are hundreds of toxin and cruelty-free styles to choose from.

The Facts

✓   Finger scan for perfect fit

✓   Stick on gel mani or pedi

✓  Botanical based hand care

Brand Standards

✓  Toxin and cruelty-free

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Photo Credits: @pearnova, @oliveandjune, @manime, @tenoverten

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