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We’re all in this together
November 1, 2020
November 1, 2020
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Our Picks

✓   Ease the Stress - Kin Euphorics

✓   Masks For The Polls - Jaanuu

✓  Distract Yourself - Piecework Puzzles

We’ve registered, we’ve counted down, we’ve mailed in our ballots (or we’re planning to head to the polls on Tuesday). We don’t have to tell you twice— voting is important. While we’re all secretly wishing to wake up from this 2020 fever dream, there is one thing we can do to make our voices heard for the next four years to come. Since this is the beginning of a very long week (or weeks depending how long this vote count is going to take) we wanted to share some of our top picks we use to keep our cool that you’ll find us living off of for the rest of 2020, at least.

Ease The Stress

If you are staring at some wall art made of the wine bottles you’ve accumulated over the last eight months, you’re not alone. Now that your favorite bottle red feels a bit overdone, opt for a new avenue of easing stress. Thanks to our recent discovery of endless CBD products, adaptogens, and euphorics (non-alcoholic pick-me-ups), you’ll be just fine.

Keep Your Cool Staying Comfy

You know what keeps the voting stress away? Slipping into some cozy new loungewear. Seriously, it’s like giving yourself a hug (especially right now). Instead of impulse buying that random Amazon item you saw on Tik Tok, invest in some loungewear to get you through these next couple of months. And if you need some more online shopping distraction check out some more loungewear finds.

Masks For The Polls

If you’re headed to your polling site this week— masks are a must have. You’ll most likely be facing long lines which means grabbing a good mask that will keep you comfortable and protected will make waiting in line a breeze. Go for something simple, or show off your voting enthusiasm with your favorite print. And for more reading, check out more of our top mask choices.

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