Boots Made For Walking

Down the street or around the house
October 22, 2020
October 22, 2020
What We Considered

✓   Stylish and comfortable

✓   Affordable price points

✓   Perfect for Fall

Our Picks

✓   Nisolo - Most ethically made

✓   Thursday Boot Co. - Best for walking 

✓   M. Gemi  - Best for an elevated style

We’re staying safe, hitting our local breweries, wineries, and cideries (if that’s not a word, it is now) finding masks to match our Fall styles, and we just forgot about one thing: the boots. But it’s not too late to snag the go-to pair that will automatically go with every outfit hanging in your closet— yes, even the one too many pairs of street joggers you stocked up on this quarantine. These days, any sense of normalcy is nice, and if that means slipping on a pair of eye-popping booties as you head to the grocery store, three cheers to that.



When we talk about Nisolo, we have to touch on timeless design. Meet the brand that goes against the grain of typical footwear companies and instead is working to make footwear last longer in turn, expending less waste for a more sustainable future. Each pair is handcrafted in ethical factories using carefully sourced materials to aid in the perfect fit and can stand through any weather the world throws our way.

The Facts

✓   Handcrafted 

✓   Effortless and timeless design

✓   Low and high heel options

Brand Standards

✓   Helping workers have access to bank accounts

✓   Ethical factory practices and sustainable pay

✓   Working to combat climate change in the Amazon

Thursday Boot Co.


A pair of sturdy boots that can trek over some uneven pavement and down the hill to your socially-distant get together is no easy task. Thursday Boot Co. never puts function short of style with their stacked leather heel, rubber sole, and shock absorbing tech that makes wearing these shoes everywhere a no-brainer. Handcrafted to last, each boot walks with a timeless style that will last you through the endless piles of leaves for years to come.

The Facts

✓   Weathersafe materials

✓   Long-lasting soles

✓   Handcrafted in North America + Europe

Brand Standards

✓   Price transparency

✓   Responsible manufacturing

✓   Ethical sourcing

M. Gemi


Your walking tour through Italy may have been postponed this year— but M. Gemi has brought fine Italian craftsmanship right to you with impeccable boot styles for this season. If you look for the details, you’ll find exactly where the family-owned shop hand-crafted your books. Best of all, each style is made for the modern woman at a radically transparent price point, because beautiful shoes (and we’re talking look and premium materials) do not have to be inaccessible.

The Facts

✓   Leather soles with rubber inserts for comfort

✓   Made across the Italian peninsula 

✓   Crafted-by-hand

Brand Standards

✓   Premium craftsmanship

✓   Radically transparent pricing

More Finds

The search for the best booty doesn’t stop here. I think we can all agree that our booties (and high boots too, can’t leave anyone out) are an extension of our personality. It’s a pop of style that defines you, and also an everyday slip on and take on the day… even if the day only involves walking around your living room and kitchen.

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