Blueland: Changing The Way We Clean

Lightening In A Bottle, Here To Improve Your Nightly Chores
July 7, 2019
July 7, 2019
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We’ve heard it time and time again, the earth needs our help. So it’s satisfying to see companies like Blueland that are finally stepping up. Blueland is reimagining the way we approach household cleaning with reusable bottles, $2 refills free of harmful chemicals, and color coordinated tablets. One look at these bright translucent bottles, and all of a sudden that after-dinner wipe doesn’t sound so bad. In fact, cleaning just got a whole lot more interesting. 

Blueland is on a mission to save the planet, spare our wallets and improve our household chores, all at the same time. And we are 100% into it.

As with the start of all great companies, Sarah Paiji Yoo the co-Founder of Blueland started with a problem. As a new mom, she was disgusted to hear about the microplastics that we (and her adorable newborn) consume in our food and water every single day. Some background: microplastics are caused by the 14 billion pounds of plastic that are thrown into the ocean every year. Ugh, gross. Thanks to Blueland’s plastic-free products, there are a few less Windex, Mrs. Meyers and Clorox bottles landing in the trash (and eventually the ocean) every single day.

The fact that our celebrity friends John Legend and Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds are fans of Blueland is pretty cool too. So, what do you say we all work together so that our one-and-only planet doesn’t turn into an earth-sized garbage disposal. Let’s save Mother Earth, one dusty-colored tablet at a time. 

Here’s everything you should know about Blueland:

✓   Bundle is $29, $2 refill tablets for life after that

✓   Free of any harmful chemicals and VOC’s

✓   Coordinated by color and cleaner type

✓   Tablet dissolves in minutes– no shaking or stirring

✓   Bottles are shatter-proof, designed to last and BPA free

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Image Credit: Blueland, @blueland

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