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July 3, 2019
July 3, 2019
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We’ve all been there - that damp, unsatisfying feeling when you forget to lay your towel out perfectly straight after a good dip in the ocean. If you even remembered a towel, that is. Quite frankly it puts a real damper on the day (pun intended, we are just that good). The beach is supposed to be easy breezy and your towel should be the least of your worries.

Picture this: an effortless, oversized, cozy towel that all your friends will envy. Owning one of these is a serious life hack - and we’re here to show you why “adulting” doesn’t mean settling for boring plain beach towels. In our opinion, it means investing in that go-to, keep in your trunk (aka apartment closet for our nyc shoebox-living readers), plush, dreamworthy, legit towel that didn’t come from Duane Reade. No obnoxious logos, no non-absorbent materials, no unnecessary retail markups. No problem. 

Be on the ready for sunbathing, laying, unpacking a picnic (you’re right, we meant rosé), or whatever else your summer loving heart desires. Fyi, you may need a second one for your brother-in-law who “accidentally” left his in the car. And maybe your pup too. Hey, don't blame the messenger.

And if this has you dreaming about bath towels, let us show you the way (click here). Otherwise, you know what to do.


We meant what we said when we told you Snowe was going to change your home. Now, it’s brightening up your summer getaways too. They’ve got us covered with awesome beach towels that never go out of style. You know those dreamy Snowe towels are that are hanging in your bathroom right now? Well it's kind of like that but for the sun. They’re oversized (about an extra foot wider than your average beach towel) and their Japanese cotton technology means they’re super absorbent. Feel free to dry off after a midday dip, and they’ll soon be ready for your afternoon nap.

The Goods

✓   Foot Wider than your average beach towel

✓   Japanese cotton technology that absorb water and allow airflow

✓   Fluffy and luxury feel

Why We Stand Behind Them

✓   Luxury quality made attainable

✓   Oeko-tex certified - aka free of harmful chemicals


Weezie has our beach trips covered with their Weezie Beach line. From laying out on the sand to using their towels a picnic blanket for summer hangouts, Weezie is the go-to brand for a pop of personality. Their towels are a little extra - oversized, piled deep and cut close - which basically means they aren’t going to pack sand all day. Seriously. So grab your friend who hates the sand at the beach and tell them to get ready. It’s time for some vitamin D.

The Goods

✓   Size: 38 x70 inches (aka oversized)

✓   Made in Portugal with 100% cotton

✓   Features a hook for easy drying

Why We Stand Behind Them

✓   Produced at a family-owned factory in Portugal

Boll and Branch x Summersalt

The company that created swimsuits by women for women (so that means finally a suit that actually feels good) has teamed up with home brand Boll & Branch to give us the best beach buddy we could ask for. Boll & Branch's all natural cotton is the perfect addition to your beach day. Made of the signature Summersalt colors, this towel can be spotted anywhere on the beach. So if you get lost at sea, you’ll be able to find your way back. But hurry because this genius collab is a limited edition. There's no time to spare.

The Goods

✓   45% larger than the average beach towel

✓   Super absorbent cotton

✓   100% fair trade certified cotton

✓   Velour finish for extra fluffy feel

Why We Stand Behind Them

✓   Honest pricing

✓   Uses recycled packaging

✓   Boll and Branch is family owned with family values

✓   Fair trade, traceable materials


Pop the champagne (or the smuggled beer in the cooler) because Riley has got us carefree with these beach towels. The quality is undeniable– the trick is in the 2-ply loop cotton. The fourth generation owned family factory where Riley is made means you'll always get  top quality at an honest price. Well, sounds great to us because all our money is going toward that upcoming Montauk trip.

The Goods

✓   100% cotton

✓   One side is flat woven for smoothness

✓   2-ply loop cotton for extra absorbency

✓   Low linting fibers so wash all you want

Why We Stand Behind Them

✓   Factory is family owned

✓   Oeko and Tex certified which means no harmful chemicals


Brooklinen = soft everything (bed sheets, robes, slippers, you name it). So it should come as no surprise that their Turkish bath towels are perfect for catching some z’s under the summer sun. Founders Rich and Vicky have taken their amazingly soft regular, Turkish towel out of the bathroom and into the world with their new spin. Brooklinen’s Beach Blanket & Towel Bundle makes it easy to pack and bundle options, so you’re ready to travel the world, or your hometown pool. Either way, Brooklinen has got you covered (we mean literally too).

The Goods

✓   Smooth, decorative weave on the front
✓   Absorbent, terry cloth weave on the back
✓   Made with long-staple Turkish cotton

Why We Stand Behind Them

✓   Responsible manufacturing

✓   Online chat options for awesome customer service

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